‘Better Call Saul’: Huell’s Freewill Baptist Church Website Is Real & Has Easter Eggs


The brilliant con that Kim and Jimmy pulled during Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 8 was phenomenal. It was so great to finally see those two in sync again. The Freewill Baptist Church website dedicated to Huell was icing on the cake — absolute perfection and maybe one of the funniest websites I’ve seen in a while. Well, you’ll be excited to learn that the website is real. Yes, the producers of Better Call Saul took the time to make the website and leave some Easter eggs and other fun moments on it for fans. Let’s look more closely at what’s there.

First, the website. It’s www.Freewill-BaptistChurch.com. And it’s perfection. The slideshow of Huell is there, front and center, just like it is on the show. And the donations for Huell are there too (currently at $6,018.)

Freewill Baptist Church

AMCFreewill Baptist Church

The only break from the fun is a little note at the bottom that reads this is owned by AMC and it’s for entertainment purposes only, and everything is a work of fiction. :(

I love the description under “Please Donate!”: “As many of you know, our dear friend and fellow parishioner Huell Babineaux has been wrongly accused of a crime, all the way up in New Mexico. He needs the support and love of his home community now more than ever!”

Don’t miss this Easter egg: There’s a phone number for Pastor Blaise Hansford on the home page and the contact us page. It’s 318-426-9662. You’ll hear a fun voicemail and you can leave a message. I suggest calling the number, but Redditor m_b_n shared this clip:

If you Google the church’s address on the home page, which is 434 Bogan Lane in Coushatta, Louisiana, 71019, you don’t really get anything interesting from there. There’s a fake discussion full of profanity and slurs, but it was obviously started by someone after they watched the show, not by AMC. But if you go to Google Street View for the address, you’ll see Los Gallos Mexican Restaurant, which might bring back memories of Los Pollos.  Here it is.

Now click on the donate button on the home page. You’ll be taken to a real food bank (here) where you can donate to help people in need. That’s a nice touch.

On the calendar pagea letter-writing campaign for Huell is scheduled for Monday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. And the rest of the calendar has a fun down-south feel to it. Tuesday is a church jumble sale, Wednesday is a potluck and worship, and Friday is a Lenten Fish Fry. Saturday is a senior Bible study with “LARGE PRINT BIBLES AVAILABLE!” I love it. And I kind of wish this church was real and I could visit!


The Ministries Page is dedicated to Huell, which is perfect. In big letters it reads “Free Huell Babineux!” Then it goes on to list other ministries. If you click the Free Huell Now link it takes you to the Testimonials Page.


One of the ministries listed under “Other Ministries” is Breaking Bread: Community Communion. You’ve got to love that.

The Testimonials Page is perfect and dedicated to Huell. There’s even an address for sending letters to The Honorable Judge Benedict Munsinger. The testimonials are great. They talk about how he leads summer VBS classes (“They just love his Moses impression!”), how he watched someone’s cats when she left for her Papaw’s funeral (and now they jump right in his lap when he visits), and how he saved Keith’s life in a rectory fire. “He saved many of us that day.” There’s even a note about how he noticed one kid didn’t find Easter eggs during an Easter egg hunt, so he found her ten eggs.

Oh, and they are some audio recordings on the Testimonials page from people talking about Huell, and you don’t want to miss those.

On the Contact Us page, we see a photo of Pastor Blaise Hansford. I did a Google search and found the same photo, and one of the same man but in a different pose. It’s a “Happy Preacher” stock photo from Stockfresh. Here’s another one. And another of him posing as an angry preacher on a different stock photo site.


Also on the Contact Us page, we learn that secretary Eloise’s email is needlepointEL1972, and the choir director’s email is BigShotSodaPop. The Sunday School director’s email is MGatorHunter.

There’s even a “history of Free Will Baptist Church” on the Contact Us page. It even talks about a father and three sons being swept away by a flood, and the church’s renovations. At the bottom of the Contact Us page is a link to sign up for the church’s newsletter. Of course, I signed up for that, but I haven’t gotten anything yet.

And just as a little piece of trivia… If you look up the WHOIS info for the website, you’ll see that Sony registered it in April 2018 and then updated it in September.

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