Cool & Dre Post Alleged ‘Carter V’ Tracklist on Instagram

Getty Cool & Dre at the Grammys.

The rollout for Tha Carter V has been defined by frustration and delay. The album was originally slated to come out on Friday, but the release date has come and gone without a word from Wayne. Fans have scrambled to piece together any news they can, from the official artwork to when they should actually expect to hear it.

While Wayne continues to stay silent, Cool & Dre may have given us some new information. The production duo reposted an alleged tracklist for Tha Carter V on their Instagram account, announcing that they worked on the song called “Scottie Pippen.” That they deleted the tracklist photo within minutes of posting it caused many to wonder whether it was genuine or not. Check out a repost of the alleged tracklist below.

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@liltunechi #C5 who’s ready!!!!!!!!!!

A post shared by Cool – Cool & dre (@coolcnd) on Sep 20, 2018 at 6:50pm PDT

1. Better Get ‘Em
2. Start This Sh*t Off Right (featuring Mannie Fresh)
3. Light Up (featuring Justin Timberlake)
4. Believe Me (featuring Drake)
5. Open Safe
6. Take It Slow
7. Mute (featuring Big Sean)
8. Famous (featuring Reginae Carter)
9. Mona Lisa (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
10. Moral to the Story
11. Sin/Sip (featuring 2 Chainz)
12. Scottie Pippen
13. Life of Mr. Carter
14. St. Louis

Cool & Dre Said They Produce the Track ‘Scottie Pippen’

The tracklist is eerily similar to another list that’s been making the rounds online. That said, it does exclude a few songs that were listed on the other one, like “Better Get ‘Em” and “Start a Fire” featuring Christina Milian. It also lists the feature on “Start This Sh*t Off Right” as Mannie Fresh rather than Milian again. The post is also notable in that in features only 14 tracks, which contradicts Wayne’s original 2014 plan of releasing a double album. You can check out the other tracklist below.

Whether he plans on slimming the tracklist down to a single disc or the screenshot is only one side of Tha Carter V remains to be seen. In a recent Billboard interview, Wayne admits that the album was “still in flux” and that he would be working on it up to the last possible moment.

“I’m very much a perfectionist,” he said. “I don’t know what it’s setting me up for — some big comeback, or maybe some big fall back or whatever — but it’s setting me up for something, and I’m ready.”

Cool & Dre Confirmed Their Involvement With ‘Tha Carter V’ In 2017

Cool & Dre, born Marcello “Cool” Valenzano and Andre “Dre” Lyon, have worked on several Wayne tracks over the past decade. Some of their most notable collaborations include “On Fire” and the title track off Wayne’s beloved mixtape No Ceilings.

In a 2017 interview with Rap-Up, the duo confirmed that they had worked extensively on Tha Carter V. “Carter V has been done for a while,” Dre said. “We don’t know if he’s putting new music on there, if what’s on there is staying. We don’t want to speak out of turn on that. But what we can say is that Lil Wayne is one of the greatest artists of all time, in our opinion.”

“If he was in a rock ‘n’ roll band, he’d be one of the greatest frontmen ever,” Dre said. “He’s one of the dopest lyricists ever. For him to be such a superstar and icon, he receives the music so freely. He doesn’t shut the door on people trying to get him music.

“That’s what we’ve always appreciated about him, he always opened the door for me and Cool to play him music and give him ideas,” he added. “We’re so excited to get back home to give him the music.” Watch the full interview above.