Idris Elba Doll Costs $1100, BUT Looks Nothing Like Him

Ladies, if you have a crush on Idris Elba, you can take him home with you.

British company Emperis, created an $1100 doll in the likeness of Elba.


Thats cool. Except, WELL…the doll looks more like famed talk show host, Montell Williams.

Elba thinks so too!

Per BBC:

Idris Elba was recently named People Magazine’s sexiest man alive but fans were not convinced by a doll’s resemblance to the Hollywood star.

The supposed lookalike doll sports a sleek three-piece-suit, blue jeans and brown shoes – nothing wrong with that?

What’s shocked most people were the somewhat evil looking facial features and the bald head of the doll.


Emperis, the company, which makes the only “handcrafted ball-joined dolls” in England according to its website, is selling an $1,100 dollar (£850) doll-sized version of Idris Elba, who was crowned the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People.

The glorified action figure is 17 inches tall, has moveable joints, a sleek physique, and a fashionable ensemble of a suit jacket, vest, and jeans. There’s just one problem—people online are pointing out it looks nothing like Elba.

Top show, The Real weighed in on the Idris Elba doll

Per AV Club:

Produced by extremely niche doll-fashion boutique Emperis, the figure in question has been mocked pretty widely by the denizens of the online world already, mostly focused on the fact that it makes “Elba” almost comically bald, and plasters a sadistic sneer over his face, more befitting a guy trying to sell you a payday loan than the heroic Stacker Pentecost.

The internet wasn’t amused. Folks took to Twitter and vented that the doll looked more like actor, Romany Malco, Terry Silver from ‘Power’ and even Jafar from ‘Aladdin’!


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