League of Legends Graphic Novel in the Works

League of Legends

Marvel/Riot Games League of Legends is getting its very own graphic novel titled Ashe: Warmother, after Marvel and Riot Games teamed up to start the production of the origin story.

League of Legends is getting its very own graphic novel, after Marvel Comics announced that they were teaming up with Riot Games to start the production of the origin story titled Ashe: Warmother.

The graphic novel will be released in May 2019, and will be the first full-length comic based on League of Legends games. The collection will be the “culmination of a series of monthly graphic novels based on the hit game” and they will be available on digital platforms beginning Wednesday, December 19, for the fans who can’t wait until May to start checking them out.

The series will start with an origin story and will follow the journey of the Iceborn warrior Ashe, one of the original League of Legends champions. According to the Marvel website, Ashe struggles with her role as a leader to her people in the world of Runeterram, and with her mother’s unrealistic expectations for her future.

C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, said that the novels will be a great crossover for those who love gaming and share a passion for comics and fiction.

“Many fans of the Marvel Universe and comics share their interests and passion for storytelling with the gaming community. ‘League of Legends’ is one of the most well-known games in the industry, and their unique world and extensive roster of rich characters and are a perfect fit for comic books. We’re excited to partner with Riot and help build the League of Legends Universe for fans and players around the world.”

Greg Street, Head of Creative Development at Riot Games also chimed in: “We love comics as a way to tell stories because it gives ‘League of Legends’ fans an opportunity to see the world of Runeterra and not just read about it. We see similarities between the League of Legends Universe and the Marvel Universe, as both of them feature an array of characters with compelling and diverse backgrounds. Marvel’s success at developing a world through comics and creating great stories is industry-defining, and we’re thrilled to be working with them to bring our own stories to life.”

Online comics have already been a big part of League of Legends since the game first launched, with Riot Games telling their stories by using webcomics and animated websites. Nine webcomics can be found on their site, and dozens of other fan-commissioned pieces continue to float around the web.

The graphic novel is just another way for fans to enjoy the League of Legends universe, and to give them a chance to expand their knowledge on their favorite champion’s backstories and the lore behind the characters of the PC online game.

League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother will feature the comics debut of Riot Games writer Odin Austin Shafer, along with artwork by artist Nina Vakueva (Heavy Vinyl). Additional details on future titles and creative teams will come at a later date.

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