Chinese Kitty & Trina Beef Over Rumors of Meek Mill Affair

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Chinese Kitty stirred up a dormant feud with Trina on Monday afternoon when she gave a radio interview about their respective ties to rapper Meek Mill. Kitty, a star of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, claimed that the rumors regarding an affair she had with Mill was false, but that Mill did have an affair with Trina.

Kitty explained that she had befriended Mill’s ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj, but that things between the two of them quickly grew uncomfortable. “About two weeks after we hung out for the first time, she hits me up like, ’yo I need to speak to you about something. Call me in an hour.’ So I’m like, cool,” Kitty said. Once they got on the phone, Minaj grilled her about whether or not she had slept with Mill when they were together.

Trina Slammed Chinese Kitty for ‘Mentioning Her Name’ In a Slanderous Way

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“She ain’t never speak to me after that, but I still supported her,” Kitty revealed, adding that Minaj never reached out to her again. “I still posted her…I figured in my head the only reason she DMed me was to find out if I had sex with Meek or not.” Where things took a turn for the unexpected is when Kitty said that Minaj went as far as to claim that Trina had slept with Mill as well.

Trina did not take the claim lightly. The rapper took to Instagram to post a video of herself discussing and how to deal with drama. “She spoke about me but doesn’t know me,” Trina says in the video. “First of all, I’m not a gossiper. I do not play with these girls out here at all. Period. Don’t not call my name. Do not mention my name. Do not say my name. If you’re drunk and over 21, handle your alcohol or do not drink. I do not play that sh*t.” Watch the full video above.

Chinese Kitty Apologized to Trina for Her Statement After Receiving a Backlash on Social Media

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After the dust had settled, Kitty took to Instagram to squash things with Trina and apologize. “For everyone saying I threw Trina under the bus,” she wrote, “I was in the heat of the moment on top of not realizing this was news people ain’t know about. Sincerely wasn’t involving her something that was told to me and I was [only] explaining a situation how it was told to me. No harm intended.”

Kitty also took to Twitter after issuing the statement to tell fans to leave her be. “I said what I said dammit,” she wrote. “Leave me alone.”