Jessie Reyez And Eminem: What’s The Meaning Of Violent ‘Good Guy’ Video?

Eminem Jessie Reyez

Getty Eminem and Jessie Reyez

Eminem’s new song with Jessie Reyez, Good Guy is packed with super-charged, dysfunctional relationship lyrics and the video doesn’t waste a second of its length as it is packed with ultra-violent scenes.

The video is well done, but not everyone seems to understand it. Take a look:

Eminem – Good Guy ft. Jessie ReyezFrom the album Kamikaze, out now: Music video by Eminem performing Good Guy. © 2018 Aftermath Records

Some have implied the video is playing in reverse, and the end is actually the beginning. It’s almost a Pulp-Fiction-like time mixup, but that isn’t the case. What we’re seeing is Reyez’s character in the video was originally buried alive by Eminem, but she somehow survives, heads back to their mansion and kills the 46-year-old rap star (yeah, he’s that old).

The initial assault and burial aren’t shown in the video, but Reyez essentially comes back to murder and bury Eminem in the grave he dug for her.

Reyez hit with this timely, sharp and aware tweet that references Nas’ biting shot at Jay-Z on “Ether” during their beef. Nas said something similar to Jay in reference to the song “Renegade,” that featured Eminem. Most believe Eminem’s verse was superior to Jay’s.

The video has some other takeaways beyond the straightforward imagery that we see in the actions of the two people featured. It could be interpreted as an exhibition or expression of the biblical concept “you reap what you sow.” Others might look at as more of an inspirational image for those who have been wronged by someone or a process.

While this person or organization may have tried to bury you, it didn’t work. You survived. Hopefully, it stops there as we get into some negative territory if the dramatization is taken too literal. Be safe, classy and respectful.

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