Larissa & Colt from ’90 Day Fiance’ and Their Cheating Scandal

Larissa 90 Day Fiance Arrested


Colt Johnson and his wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima have had their ups and downs and they’ve only bee married since the summer of 2018. Lima has been arrested for domestic violence against Johnson and the two have had public fights on social media. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance couple has been dealing with a cheating scandal. Johnson allegedly has a mistress named Kieraa and Lima has put him on blast on Instagram.

Lima posted screenshots of multiple direct messages and in one, a woman told Lima that Johnson had been “sending dick pics to other women just so you know … He’s cheating on you and that sucks.” Lima also stated with the posts, “Colt is cheating [on] me with this girl! And [he has] plans to use me until he [finishes] Happily Ever After.]” Happily Ever After is a spin-off of 90 Day Fiance, for those unfamiliar. After putting her man on blast, Lima posted a message that has since been deleted, according to Us Weekly. The message stated, “I’m taking a break of internet. Truly hurt me seen my husband flirting online. I’ll be here answering my messages … I’m not a gold digger. I always cleaned his house, took care of him. I’m good, I just want to breathe. I can’t keep posting my personal life online, I just wished that he woke up and these women stop to message him [sic].”

So, what did Johnson have to say about the cheating allegations? Johnson addressed the claims on Instagram, writing, “I have received a lot of direct messages, a lot of things said about what happened. I would like to say yes I am human and I have faults. I most definitely made mistakes but my relationship with Larissa is more than what you see on TV. We are like any couple in the world with its ups and downs.”

Johnson admitted to acting inappropriately with “a fan”, as he wrote, “Yes, I have received massive amounts of attention from fans, especially women. These things mixed with a relationship that has its problems makes for a dangerous scenario. I crossed the line between fan and fandom. The reality sometimes is lost and this is something I have to handle in private.”

Johnson and his wife have shared their lives on 90 Day Fiance and Lima has definitely had issues with Johnson’s friends and family. By the sound of things, the drama didn’t end after filming.

In the screenshots that Lima posted, Johnson accused Lima of being violent and he said he needed to “deal with her”. The alleged mistress or “fan” decided to speak out on the scandal, according to E! News, revealing, “Basically what happened is a b list reality tv star has accused me of flirting with her husband while knowing they were together. “He said they were separated and I stupidly believed him.”

Ahead of the cheating scandal breaking, Colt wrote this cryptic message online, “It’s never too late to find happiness. You never have to give up the hope of something better. Be strong and brave, it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

There have been no reports that Lima and Johnson have called it quits, so they are most likely still together.