Gina Rodriguez is the Voice of ‘Carmen Sandiego ‘

Gina Rodriguez

Getty Gina Rodriguez celebrates her Golden Globe win in 2015 for her role in "Jane the Virgin."

Carmen Sandiego returns to the pop culture fold in Netflix’s new revival premiering today, January 18, on the streaming service. Although Gina Rodriguez won’t actually don the character’s cherry red fedora hat and sky-high heels, she’ll voice the international globetrotter for a 20-episode season set to give us a detailed backstory as to who the supervillain really is.

“Carmen Sandiego is back and ready for a new crop of international capers packed with thrilling adventure and intrigue. This fresh take presents an intimate look into Carmen’s past where viewers will not only follow her escapades but also learn who in the world is Carmen Sandiego and why she became a super thief,” said Netflix in a release.

The Golden Globe winner turned voice-actress is riding a career high with the success of her CW show and schedule of movies slated for the new year. Here’s where else you may have seen (or heard!) Rodriguez.

1. Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin (2014-Present)

Rodriguez plays Jane Villanueva, a 23-year-old religious Latina who, after making a vow to her grandmother to not have sex until she’s married, becomes pregnant when she’s accidentally artificially inseminated. Rodriguez shines playing Jane as a hopeless romantic who dreams of telenovela romances and yearns to find true love. The role earned Rodriguez a Golden Globe nomination and win in 2015 for Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy.

2. Gina Alvarez, Big Mouth (2017-Present)

In Nick Kroll’s raunchy animated Netflix series, Rodriguez voices Gina, a girl who’s very physically developed for her age. When Gina joins Missy and Jessi’s soccer team, her sudden puberty spurt causes a raucous with both the boys and girls at school. Rodriguez enters in the show’s second season for seven episodes.

3. Princess Marisa, Elena of Avalor (2016-Present)

Gina Rodriguez


The actress lends her voice once again for Princess Marisa, a Sirena princess who debuts in the Elena of Avalor TV movie entitled Song of the Sirenas. Marisa is half-human and half-Sirena, allowing her to change her tail into legs when she is on land. Rodriguez lent her voice to the Elena world alongside Edward James Olmos, Rita Moreno, Rosario Dawson, and Hamilton‘s Javier Muñoz.

4. Alicia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 5, Episode 22)

On the Season 5 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rodriguez appeared as Alicia, an Uber driver and potential love interest for Rosa. When Rosa feels depressed and ambivalent toward love, Terry (Terry Crews) pushes her to look for love where she’d least expect it. With one killer Color Me Badd song and a single hair flip, Alicia was well on her way to breaking down Rosa’s tough exterior.

5. Gloria, Miss Bala (In Theaters February 1)

Though not yet released, Rodriguez’s Miss Bala is looking fire. When Gloria, a makeup artist from LA, searches for her friend Suzu in Tijuana, Mexico, Gloria is kidnapped and forced to smuggle money for a drug cartel. Sony’s official description reads: “Gloria finds a power she never knew she had when she is drawn into a dangerous world of cross-border crime. Surviving will require all of her cunning, inventiveness, and strength.”

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Miss You Already) the film co-stars Anthony Mackie and Ismael Cruz Córdova, and is a remake of the 2011 drama of the same name.

“I had been dying to do action for so long, and it’s very difficult because people of color don’t have as many opportunities,” the actress told EW. “Sony made a big-budget action film with a 95 percent Latinx cast and 95 percent Latinx production crew. It’s revolutionary. It’s just really great to live in these spaces that for so long I didn’t have the opportunity to.”

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