Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on TV Tonight? 1/10/18

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ABC Will Meredith die on Grey's Anatomy?

It’s Thursday, which means Grey’s Anatomy… right?

Unfortunately, the show won’t be returning for another week. Next week, the show returns for the second half of season 15.

The synopsis for the episode reads, “When the power goes out at Grey Sloan, the doctors are left scrambling to save their patients’ lives; Owen, Amelia and Teddy confront their complicated situation.”

And we’ve got even better news for you. Three more additional episodes were just ordered for season 15, bringing the season total to 25 episodes.

What happened when we left off in December?

A windstorm hit Seattle and Teddy finally told Owen about her pregnancy. It’s taken her eight episodes to come forward and reveal the shocking news to him. Even during the episode, she was hesitant to come forward. She told Owen they “really needed to talk” before they went into OR, and naturally, he started spinning out of control during the surgery. Then… Teddy just blurted it out! That’s right– she told Owen, “I’m pregnant. With your baby,” in the middle of the operating room.

Similarly to Teddy, Meredith had a bit of a breakdown when she told Maggie about Catherine’s diagnosis. She shared with Maggie it was really bad, and needs a way to figure out how she can support Jackson through it… and then Maggie goes ahead and tells Jackson about the diagnosis.

In another exciting turn of events, and with the help of a patient, Meredith decides that she’s going to get drinks with Link. But– put the breaks on, because none other than DeLuca gets in the way of that. He takes the advice from the doctors’ patient, Cece, and tells Meredith he hasnt stopped thinking about their drunken kiss at Alex and Jo’s wedding. He tells her they could be something… to which Meredith says she’ll think about it.

And then, everyone essentially gets trapped in an elevator. That’s right – many fan favorites are stuck in an elevator during a brutal wind storm.

And the big question on everyones mind is: when will the show be cancelled? Is it going to end after season 16? In September, TVLine suggested 2020 could be the year that we say goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly from the same month, Pompeo said, ““I’m clearly not prepared right now to make any formal announcement about what my future is on the show, but I am really feeling like we have told the majority of the stories that we can tell… It’s about time that I mix it up. I’m definitely looking for a change.”

When that end does happen, Rhimes has said she’s going to step back in to write the finale. “I have written the end of the show at least six times,” Rhimes told EW. “But we just don’t end. Every time I thought, ‘This is how the show should end,’ we’ve gone past those moments, so I’ve stopped trying. I have no idea now.”

Be sure to tune in next week on ABC at 8pm ET/PT for an all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.