Who Is Terry Crews’ Wife, Rebecca King-Crews?

Terry Crews Wife, Rebecca King-Crews


There’s a new host in town, and he’s one with a familiar face. Actor Terry Crews, who fans may recognize from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will be hosting this season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

And as he takes to the AGT stage this season, people will undoubtedly wonder about Crews’ personal life. Who, for instance, is he married to? Does he have any children?

Here’s what we know about the actor and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews.

Crews has been married to his wife since 1990. Together, they have five children and one grandchild.

According to BIJOG, Rebecca attended college at Western Michigan University. That’s where she and Terry met.

Throughout high school and college, Rebecca was a member of a handful of theater troupes; she participated in shows like ‘The Wiz’, ‘Oklahoma’, and ‘Music Man’.

Rebecca has done well at keeping a low profile despite having a very famous husband. She has, however, dipped her toes into the world of entertainment with appearances on The Mo’Nique Show, E! True Hollywood Story, and The Family Crews, a reality series.

Rebecca served as a producer on The Family Crews. Leading up to its debut, she told the media about her reservations with putting her family in the spotlight.

“As the mom, of course there is a protective instinct. I guess the best way for me to address that is that we’re already a show business family. My husband’s an actor. He’s already famous. We have gone to events together. People know our family. We are not strangers to the entertainment business.”

The Family Crews ended in 2011 with no explanation.

Some people may not know that Rebecca is a former beauty queen. She was voted Miss Gary, Indiana, in 1984; this happened during her senior year in high school.

According to her LinkedIn, Crews’ has led worship in many churches and has acted as musical director growing up. She performed a number of her own songs. Fans may even have an album to look forward to. Rebecca’s LinkedIn reads, “She is leading the nation as a mother and wife, and is reuniting with her musical roots on this forthcoming album. Stay tuned for what this Super mom and wife has in store.”

In 2015, Terry was open with the public about the pair’s “90-day Sex Fast.” At the end of that fast, Terry said he was more in love with his wife than ever before. “You cannot love someone and control them at the same time. All attempts to control your significant other are gonna lead in heartbreak because love is freedom. You know, if I kept my wife locked up in the basement, that ain’t love! If I restricted her in any way, it’s not love. But love is when she comes in the door because she wants to. Love is when she says, ‘Hey, let’s go out’ because she wants to be with me and it’s the same thing that I do with her.'”