Margaret Cho Voted Off ‘The Masked Singer’

Voted off tonight's episode of the masked singer, who was voted off tonight's episode of the masked singer,


Tonight’s episode of the masked singer featured the rabbit, raven, poodle, and bee. Each celebrity took to the stage to belt their heart out, and Margaret Cho was voted off in the end.

Margaret Cho is a stand-up comedian and plays Ken’s sister on Dr. Ken– which makes it all the more surprising that he wasn’t able to guess the comedian’s identity. Cho is also a supporter of the LGBTQ community, which she referenced in her “clues”.

Read on for a live recap of the show.

First to take the stage was the rabbit. We learned that everyone “wanted a piece” of the singer when they were younger. He says he’s finding it exhilarating being the main attraction on this show.

This go around,  the rabbit sang “Wake Me Up”. Nicole may have gotten it right when she said that the rabbit must have been a member of the NSYNC group. Ken threw in that he’s convinced it’s a boy band member. He certainly had the judges fooled– although they did guess Joey Fatone and JC Chasez.

Next, the alien took to the stage. She sang Lovefool and worked the stage. We think that Nicole was right when she said she thinks it’s a member of the Jackson family. (Our top guess: La Toya Jackson.) Robin Thicke was the one who guessed Paris Hilton. The judges asked if she’s recorded an album before, and the alien responded by saying: “I’ve recorded many things.”

The raven sang “Bad Romance”. During the clues, she explained that she was liberated after singing about losing her beloved last week. She also suggested that she is from a small town and someone eventually found her and believed in her skills. Ken noted that there is something honest and raw about the raven. Jenny is confident that it is Sherri Shepherd, but Nick doesn’t really think that’s true.

The poodle belted out “Time after Time”. She was lowered from a swing and impressed everyone with not only her balance but her vocal chops! Nicole praised the tone of her voice. The judges picked up on two main clues: the word verdict and the word justice, making them wonder if it’s a television judge. Nicole was left dumbfounded, and admitted, “I got nothing.”

The bee sang “Locked Out of Heaven”, and impressed the judges. Both Robin and Jenny recognized the vibrato as Gladys Knight.

Be sure to tune in to The Masked Singer next week on Fox at 9pm ET/PT.

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