Rapper Eazy E & the Details On His Death

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On tonight’s episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Lil Eazy E looks into the details surrounding his father’s murder. It has long been reported that the former N.W.A frontman died from complications connected to AIDS, but Lil Eazy has started to question whether or not foul play was involved.

During a sneak peak for the episode, Lil Eazy sits down with Master P to discuss his father’s death and his legacy. “When you start digging up old stuff, you gotta watch out because you’re just digging up stuff that you might not be prepared for,” Master P warns him. Learn more about the details surrounding Eazy E’s death below.

Lil Eazy E Believes That There Was Foul Play Involved In His Father’s Death

Lil Eazy-E Brings Emotional Perspective | Growing Up Hip HopLil Eazy-E gets emotional talking about his father, Eazy-E’s, death. #GUHH Subscribe to the WE Tv channel for more clips: goo.gl/1CiBkL Like on Facebook: facebook.com/WEtv Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/WEtv WE tv Instagram: instagram.com/wetv/ WE tv Tumblr: wetv.tumblr.com/ Official Site: wetv.com/ Growing Up Hip Hop follows the next generation of hip hop royalty as they attempt…2019-01-10T22:59:13.000Z

Eazy E, born Eric Wright, gained fame as a solo artist and member of the rap group N.W.A during the late 1980s and 90s. On February 24, 1995, he checked into a Los Angeles hospital for what he believed was a case of chronic asthma. Doctors conducted tests and concluded he was HIV-positive. On March 16, he issued a statement announcing his diagnosis to the public.

“I may not seem like a guy you’d pick to preach a sermon, but now I feel it’s time to ‘testify’ because I do have folks that care about me hearing all kinds of stories about what’s up,” he wrote in the statement. “I’ve got thousands and thousands of young fans that have to learn what’s real when it comes to AIDS. Like the others before me, I would like to turn my problem into something good that will reach out to all my homeboys and their kin, because I want to save their asses before it’s too late.” Eazy died ten days later on March 26.

Lil Eazy’s Brother Yung Eazy Has Publicly Accused Suge Knight of Infecting Their Father With HIV/AIDS

Many have felt that the rapid series of events leading up to Eazy’s death are suspicious. Chief among these skeptics are Eazy’s own children. The rapper’s third son Yung Eazy, born Marquise Wright, believes that Death Row co-founder Suge Knight was behind Eazy’s AIDS diagnosis. Yung Eazy cited a 2003 interview that Knight gave to Jimmy Kimmel where he talked about hypothetically infecting someone with HIV. “I’ve been known my pops was killed,” he wrote on Instagram.

“His death never added up 2 what ppl have always said maybe they think we’re idiots blind to the truth idk,” he added. “But 4 u new fans, youngsters & ppl who just don’t know much notice in #StraightOuttaCompton, Eazy did not get sick until after the studio incident with Suge and look how he acknowledged & admits on this interview with #JimmyKimmel. Injecting ppl instead of shooting them is a new thing that’s done. The truth is out there its just blinded by the fact that Eric had a lot of sex.”

Suge Knight Talked About KILLING EAZY-E on Jimmy Kimmel | What's Trending NowThe success of Straight Outta Compton led someone to dig up an old Jimmy Kimmel Live segment in which Suge Knight talked about killing Eazy-E. Yikes. Subscribe for more videos! full.sc/NfhdwD Suge Knight Talks About Killing Eazy-E on Kimmel: youtube.com/watch?v=vHqnqRvcKF8 Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com/whatstrending Like us on Facebook! facebook.com/WhatsTrending Follow whatstrending on Snapchat! Sign…2015-08-17T21:30:00.000Z

Lil Eazy E spoke to The Recollectors about losing his father at a young age. “Yeah, it was hard. It was very hard. That’s true still today,” he admitted. “You gotta think—I didn’t have anybody to teach me about what unprotected sex was, or what to do, you know what I mean? I was like, Oh wow, after you kinda get over the pain of losing a father and not having a father figure…. I played sports and didn’t have a father to teach me how to throw a football or play football.”

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