Kristin & Luis on ‘My Great Big Live Wedding’

Getty Wedding planner David Tutera

My Great Big Live Wedding with David Tutera is a new eight-part series on Lifetime. Throughout the series, Tutera will be working with eight couples “whose remarkable stories of love and survival redefine real love.” Read on to learn about one of the main couples, Kristin Moya and Luis Polanco.

The description for tonight’s episode, which airs at 10/9 c, reads: “At the age of 22, Kristin was one of the youngest known women to be diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, which progressed to stage four within weeks. When Kristin’s boyfriend and high school sweetheart Luis found out, he moved to Florida to be with her and was always by her side, through chemotherapy and her double mastectomy.”

Kristin Was One of the Youngest Known Women to Be Diagnosed With Stage 2 Breast Cancer

The synopsis goes on to state that Luis continued to stay by her side. “In her darkest moments, she urged Luis to move on from their relationship, but he refused to give up on her,” it said. “Later that same year, Kristin was diagnosed with thyroid cancer; however, despite overwhelming health challenges, she managed to complete her master’s degree with honors.”

Tutera spoke with Magic Valley about why he thinks the series will connect with audiences. “I think the timing for this show is perfect. It’s one hour of happiness and you’re rooting for a great couple,” he said. “And it’s also about seeing the magic of what I do to making these amazing weddings come alive. It’s a feel-great show and I’m beyond excited for people to experience it.”

Host David Tutera Said He’s ‘Beyond Excited’ to Bring These Couples to the Screen

“These couples are legitimately happy even though they’ve gone through life’s challenges and struggles,” Tutera explained. “They’ve come to a place we’re they’re great even though they’ve experienced hardships. I think that’s what will make viewers fall in love with them even more.

“The couples weren’t begging for this; they weren’t asking for this,” he added. “Sometimes, as a society, we don’t see these stories because they get buried by the everyday drama but it’s true that love conquers all.”