Lacey on ‘My 600 Lb Life’

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Tonight, fans of My 600 Lb Life will meet Lacey, who hopes to shed some weight with the help of Dr. Now.

As most people who watch the show know, each episode of My 600 Lb Life follows the life of one morbidly obese individual who is on a path to lose weight. The show has been airing on the TLC network since 2012, and is still going strong today.

So far this season, we’ve met Octavia, Bri, and Justin, who have overcome their struggles with addiction and overeating in an attempt at leading a healthier life.

What do we know about tonight’s subject, Lacey Hodder?

According to Distractify, Lacey developed her eating disorder in part due to her parents’ divorce. Her mother is the one who moves with her to Houston to seek the help of Dr. Now.

Dr. Now places Lacey on a high protein, low carb diet in order to prepare her for surgery. Lacey seems determined to stay on the doctor’s diet plan and stick to his strict rule of only eating three times a day, and walking for thirty minutes in the morning and at night.

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“Your body is a ticking clock right now,” Dr. Now says. “It’s going to go off any minute.” Lacey says she’s ready to embark on the journey.

Dr. Now also warns Lacey’s mother that if she doesn’t help herself, things may go south for both of them. “Are you help for her?” The doctor asks. “Because you haven’t been very successful with your own weight loss so I’m skeptical if you’re going to encourage healthy choices with her.”

He continues, “You both need to start getting your weight under control if you want to do this together.”

Based on her Facebook and Instagram, it seems Lacey is doing well today. And her most recent photos show that she has been successful at keeping off the weight since appearing on the show. Her Instagram also suggests she has adopted a healthier vegan diet.

One post from January 5 shows a sesame seasoning blend with the caption, “When you can’t eat bagels anymore, go for the next best thing! Yum af Thank you @thesarahsullivan and ofc @traderjoes for introducing me to this magical mix. ?? #everythingbutthebagel#everythingbutthebagelseasoning #bagel#imissbread.”

My 600 Lb Life viewers may recognize Lacey from this season’s promos. One clip, in particular, shows her falling out of a minivan.

Be sure to tune into tonight’s episode of My 600 Lb Life to watch Lacey’s weightloss journey.