Who Is Preacher Lawson on ‘AGT The Champions’?

Preacher Lawson is here to prove he’s got the jokes. The comedian was the choice of America’s Superfans to make it through to the finals, and now, he’s up against the best on AGT: The Champions.

When he took to the stage for the first time this season, Preacher told jokes about dating a white girl and being a vegan.

“A little about myself: I’m a vegan,” Preacher declared. “We don’t eat animals. We don’t eat meat or whatever. And the reason I decided to be a vegan was because I had a dog and I fell in love with my dog and I was like, I can’t eat my dog… I know what some of y’all are thinking. A black vegan? He must be married to a white girl. Psych — we broke up, so that’s not true at all.”

Preacher was born in Portland, Oregon, but spent most of his childhood in Memphis. According to his bio on his website, he moved 20 times before age 10.

He writes, “I started writing jokes when I was 16 for about a year, then decided to perform for the first time at age 17 as a bet between my mother and I. Best decision of my life.”

In an interview with Hidden Remote, Lawson was asked what kind of preparation he makes before going on stage. He said, “I just kinda go on stage. I used to do a bunch of things to try to get my nerves down. But now I just go on stage. I’m definitely more conservative with my energy. When you do so many shows you’ve got to conserve your energy. I do like around eight or nine shows a week. I’m on a plane, like maybe three or four times, and I still gotta maintain working out. I used to get super pumped like five minutes (show), now I’m doing an hour (show), so it’s like, just let me chill.”

He continues by saying he wasn’t nervous when he first competed on AGT. He said the nerves went he saw people in the crowd. “I was like stop like this is home. I feel more comfortable on stage then when I’m talking to people sometimes. When I’m on a stage, I’m like this is mine, this is my world, So I was never nervous.”

Lawson has certainly proved himself, with many people referring to him as the best comedian to ever perform on the show. When he first appeared on America’s Got Talent, he was one of the final ten. He even appeared in that year’s America’s Got Talent Live! show in Las Vegas that was part of the winner’s prize.

His success doesn’t end with AGT. Lawson also has a YouTube channel with over 5 million views and over 200,000 subscribers.

But is he single? As of 2017, Lawson was dating singer Janine. It is unclear if the two are still together.

How far will he make it on AGT: The Champions? Tune in tonight to find out.