Sofia Vergara’s Late Aunt Connects With Tyler Henry on Hollywood Medium

E!/YouTube Sofia Vergara holds a picture of her aunt and other family members during an episode of Hollywood Medium.

Sofia Vergara’s aunt Rosalina connects with Tyler Henry in a clip from the upcoming season of Hollywood Medium, and both Vergara and her niece Claudia are shaken and elated by the experience.

In the clip below, Henry sits down with Vergara for the first time. “So I have more than one person coming through,” Tyler tells her once their session has begun. The 23-year-old clairvoyant scribbles in his notebook for a few more seconds before looking up again. “Yeah, there’s two Rs,” he continues. “How many R names can you think of in the family?”

Henry goes on to explain the two people he is connecting with, explaining that the older woman has a “motherly” vibe to her who had fluid retention issues when she was a live, and a younger man who died suddenly.

Vergara’s niece Claudia, who is watching from the behind the scenes, claps her hands over her mouth excitedly. “I think it’s my dad with my…it’s her aunt that passed away,” Claudia tells the camera.

Vergara watches Henry intently the whole time he connects with her late loved ones, and eventually comes to the same conclusion as her niece. After Henry asked her if anybody in her family had issues with fluid retention and stated that this particular woman was one of Vergara’s “biggest cheerleaders,” she made the connection. She choked up a bit while explaining that her mom’s sister died five months earlier during a knee replacement surgery.

“I wasn’t looking to make a connection with her, but it would be very like my aunt to be presenting herself and be very pushy,” Sofía laughed. “Unless they’re in our close family, nobody could have known the cause of her death.”

Vergara’s niece Claudia also gets a special message from her dad during the episode. In another promo clip for this season of Hollywood Medium, Henry talks about how the person with whom he is connecting is still very involved in his family’s lives, and he specifically mentions his daughter. Vergara verifies that Claudia is an only child and that her father passed when she was 3-years-old. Henry laughs and says the person who he is connecting with actually mentioned a baby, which makes sense as Claudia was so young when he died.

He continues speaking with Claudia’s father, who urges Claudia to “take the next step.” He says she is going to have an opportunity to do something “like a program, something official, something that someone would do to learn more about something.” While Henry is talking, Claudia is ecstatically nodding behind the cameras, before she comes out to speak with Henry face-to-face.

Henry asks Claudia if she ever feels her dad’s presence around her, and she replies “All the time. All the time. Always.” He also mentions that her dad came through really strong, so he really wanted to pass on his message to Claudia.

Tune in Thursday, February 21 to catch the season premiere of Hollywood Medium on E! and let us know what you thought about Vergara’s experience with the medium in the comments below.

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