The Bachelor 2019 Recap Episode 6: Who Was Eliminated Last Week?

Colton Underwood proposal, Colton Underwood

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On last week’s episode of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood and the 10 remaining women vying for his heart took their journey from Thailand to Vietnam. In episode 6, there were 2 one-on-one dates and one group date, following a rose ceremony elimination at the top of the episode. Ahead of tonight’s new episode, here’s a recap of what happened in episode 6:

Beware of episode 6 spoilers below if you are not caught up with the show.

The description for episode 6 read “The remaining bachelorettes travel to Vietnam’s Cam Ranh coast; a spa date rekindles passion between Colton and one woman; the women on the group date get trained in the martial art of Vovinam.’

Episode 5 ended on a cliff hanger featuring Onyeka and Nicole’s drama, so at the start of episode 6, the cocktail party picked up with the rose ceremony, and both Onyeka and Nicole were eliminated. Heading into the episode 6 dates, only 7 women remain in the competition.

With Onyeka and Nicole eliminated, the group left Thailand for Vietnam. Although Demi was excited by the prospect of having her first one-on-one date with Colton, the date card went to Hannah G. They went to a spa and lounged in their bathing suits during the date. They also made out in a mud bath and made out in the shower while they cleaned up afterward. Their chemistry was apparent during the date activity and at the dinner that followed. During the dinner, she also opened up about her parents’ divorce, something she and Colton have in common. She got the date rose.

Sydney, Cassie, Hannah B., Katie, Tayshia, Caelynn, Heather, and Demi went on the group date with Colton this week, which challenged them to a martial arts tournament. During the date, Demi and Colton called Demi’s mom, who had just been released from federal prison, and Sydney decided that the show and her relationship with Colton wasn’t working. Sydney eliminated herself during this group date before warning Colton about women who might not be in the competition for the right reasons. Tayshia received the group date rose.

Kirpa got the second one-on-one date of the episode, and she and Colton had lunch and went snorkeling. She opened up to him about her failed engagement with someone who was saving himself for marriage, and after she told Colton she would be ready for a proposal at the end of the show, he gave her the date rose.

When Colton got back from his date with Kirpa, Demi went to his hotel room to let him know she is falling in love with him. He told her that he wasn’t there with her and sent her home on the spot.

There was no cocktail party this week – just a rose ceremony, during with Katie was eliminated.

In total, 5 women were eliminated during this 2-hour episode: Demi, Onyeka, Nicole, Sydney, and Katie. Heading into tonight’s episode 7, Kirpa, Hannah B., Hannah G., Heather, Caelynn, Cassie, and Tayshia remain in the reality dating competition.

Tune in to season 23 of The Bachelor on ABC, Monday nights at 8pm.

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