WATCH: Bo Jackson in Sprint’s 2019 Super Bowl Commercial

Bo jackson Spring Super Bowl commercial 2019 ad


Superbowl 2019 (53) Commercials: Bo Jackson Returns to SprintSuperbowl 2019 (53) Commercials: Bo Jackson Returns to Sprint2019-02-02T21:37:49.000Z

Bo Jackson poses with a mermaid and a horse with wings in Sprint’s new Super Bowl 2019 ad.

“How do we tell people they get the best of both worlds with Sprint?” Paul Marcarelli, the Sprint spokesman, ask a few robots. One of them says, “How about we get two-sport legend Bo Jackson?”

Jackson then appears in the living room, and with the help of Marcarelli and the robots, ends up holding a mermaid clutching a keytar with a bird horse behind him. He then tells customers they should be choosing Sprint because of its LTE Advanced network, which has been upgraded from 4G internet. Thus, it’s twice as fast as before.

As Ad Week points out, few stars were as big as Bo Jackson in the late 80s. He was both a pro baseball and football player, and whie he retired from baseball in the mid-90s, he’s still a celebrity athlete who everyone knows about.

Speaking to the outlet recently, Sprint CMO Roger Sole said, “Who better to tell the Sprint story of offering both a great value and a great network than a two-sport all-star athlete who really does ‘know’… Bo Jackson personifies the ‘best of both worlds,’ and he recognizes that customers don’t have to compromise with Sprint.”

In a recent press release, Jackson, himself, explained, “Playing both professional football and baseball was an amazing experience… It was the best of both worlds. Now I can get the best of both worlds again—a great network and an unbeatable price—by switching to Sprint. Sharing the spotlight with a mermaid, a keytar and a Pegasus was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was like playing in a ‘best-of-both’ all-star game!”

David Droga, the creative chairman and founder of Droga5 (the commercial was created in partnership with Droga5), said, “You don’t need to be a hyper-smart, artificially intelligent robot to see the obvious, logical choice in wireless networks… It’s Sprint.”

Bo Jackson isn’t the only celebrity who will be making an appearance on our television screens as part of Sunday’s commercial lineup. A number of A-listers have filmed Super Bowl commercials, including Steve Carell, Cardi B, The Backstreet Boys, Christina Applegate, Jason Batement, and more.

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