Adam22 aka Adam Grandmaison: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Adam Grandmaison, better known as Adam22, is an internet personality and podcast host. During a recent episode of the No Jumper podcast, he had a gun drawn on him by an unseen man. The footage of the altercation has since gone viral, with some claiming that it’s a hoax.

Given the attention that Adam22 has been given as a result, some fans may be curious about No Jumper and how he got his start making podcasts. Learn more about him and his career below.

1. He Started Out As a BMX Rider & Founded the Popular Bike Website ‘The Come Up’

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Adam22 started riding BMX bikes at a teenager. By 2006, he had created The Come Up, a website that was intended for fellow BMX enthusiasts. “There was all this content going up, that none of the major sites were covering, so I started a little blog as a joke, and it just ballooned from there,” he told LA Weekly. He went on to say that the goal of the website was to push the BMX market into the mainstream.

“That’s one of the biggest goals, is to be able to work with non-endemic brands and present them in a light that’s authentic,” he explained. “All that matters is that kids know about BMX, then as an industry we can show them what BMX is really like.”

2. ‘No Jumper’ Was Originally a Blog Before Adam22 Revived It as a Podcast Series

The Xxxtentacion InterviewXxxtentacion is a mysterious online force with a devoted fanbase, a weird name and a checkered past. In this interview we get deep and I left the experience impressed and in shock at how real he kept it. Enjoy — No Jumper is The Coolest Podcast In The World. SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more)…2016-04-28T00:41:54.000Z

Adam22 is best known as the host of the podcast No Jumper. The podcast started out as a Tumblr blog in 2011, which reviewed obscure mixtapes and releases by underground rap artists. Adam22 was the financier behind the blog, but it soon fizzled out.

No Jumper was revived in 2015, when Adam 22 decided to turn it into a YouTube series. The focus shifted from mixtape reviews to interviews with up-and-coming rappers like XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, and Action Bronson.

Each interview that Adam22 conducts usually racks up anywhere from 500,000 to a million streams. Speaking with LA Weekly, he detailed the hard work that goes into conducting these interviews, as well as finding the artists that seem most poised to break out into the mainstream.

“I stay up most nights until like 6 or 7 in the morning listening to music online, watching videos and going down weird reading wormholes,” he said.

3. He’s In an Open Relationship with Fellow YouTuber Lena the Plug

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Adam22 is currently dating Lena Nersesian, better known as Lena the Plug. According to Heightline, they’ve been together since September 2016, and they have an open relationship, which allows them to engage in physical relationships with other people. They regularly engage in threesomes, and have even leaked footage of some of these encounters online.

“No one’s really paying attention to the fact that [my boyfriend Adam22] is taking control of [these videos], which to me, is a bigger deal,” she told SOHH. “The focus is always on the woman. Always.” Lena the Plug is also a popular YouTuber, and her videos range from vlogs about her private life to relationship advice, fitness tips, and sex talk with her group of friends. She currently has over 1.4 million subscribers.

4. He Was Accused of Being a ‘Serial Rapist’ By an Anonymous Woman In 2018

In March 2018, an anonymous woman claimed that Adam22 sexually assaulted her. She accused him of being a “serial rapist who is notorious for doxing women who speak up against him for raping them”, according to screenshots of her conversation. Another Twitter user, Conor Tripler, uncovered a 2010 blog post written by Adam22 where he details a sexual encounter with a minor. “If statutory rape is wrong I didn’t wanna to be right,” he wrote in the post.

Adam22 released a statement denying these allegations. “I wrote the post in question over 10 years ago and deleted it within 6 months of writing it,” he said. “But people saved archived versions of the post and have been sending it around trying to imply that I had sex with her when she was 16 when in reality I was making light of the bad luck I experienced (I met her online but she didn’t tell me that she was 16 until we first spoke on the phone.”

“Although to be fair it would have been legal via Canadian law so she didn’t even realize why I had to stop talking to her until after I explained that the age of consent in America is 18,” he added.

5. The Gun Video Is Not the First Time He’s Been Physically Attacked

I got jumped by Russ's goons (Full Story)9 months ago Russ sent dudes to beat me up in a nail salon. Here's the full story. FOLLOW ADAM22!!!

Adam22 is no stranger to violence. After he repeatedly mocked Russ on the podcast, he was reportedly jumped by the rapper’s crew in Los Angeles. He detailed the attack on Twitter, writing: “Russ sent 3 big ass dudes to my store to jump me like 6 months ago. They waited around all day til I went to get a manicure and I was alone. Dude punched me once and ran. I didn’t even know who it was from until Russ bragged about it on AK’s stream. That ain’t tough @russdiemon.”

“It was all bc of [a] tweet too. Like bro wtf is wrong with you,” Adam22 added. “I’m a member of the press! I would beat your 5’5” ass and I’m not even on that tough guy sh*t. Congrats you got 2 people beat up and threw 0 punches yourself.”

During an interview with Real 92.3, Russ said that Adam22 got what he deserved. “We’re talking real simple sh*t, people talk sh*t and then got punches thrown at them—big deal, bro,” he said, “You know what I’m saying? […] Bro, you talked extensive sh*t on a consistent basis about someone you had never met in your life, or talked to, and as a result they responded and [it] ended up punches got thrown your way—big deal. I don’t understand.”

“When you push and shove someone consistently for a year, if you don’t think there’s going to be some sort of response, then I’m really confused on how you think this world operates,” Russ added. Adam22 didn’t press charges.

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