Who Does Colton Underwood Dump on ‘The Bachelor’ Finale?

The Bachelor Winner 2019

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tonight is the finale of The Bachelor, and fans can’t wait to find out who Colton is going to choose.

Tonight’s episode will be extremely untraditional, making it what may actually be the most *dramatic* finale ever. (Thank you, Chris Harrison.)

What goes down? Who does Colton dump? And will one of them be the next bachelorette? Here’s what you need to know, but beware of spoilers. Do NOT continue reading unless you want to know how it ends.

Hannah Godwin via InstagramHannah Godwin

Tonight, Colton will decide that Cassie is the one for him, which will lead to him breaking things off with Tayshia and Hannah G.

On his website, Reality Steve writes, “So instead of being left with two women and going through with picking one of them, he still ended things with Hannah G. without even taking her on their overnight date. Ended things with Tayshia as well, and essentially ended filming at that point. So there will be no final three rose ceremony and no final rose ceremony.”

Once he sends Tayshia and Hannah G. home, Colton makes his way to Cassie’s hometown in Southern California, where he tries to win her back– not to marry her, but to date her. And now, the two are dating, but not engaged.

How do we know the pair are still together? Marie Claire has pointed out a few clues that suggest the two are still going strong. For one thing, Colton has been seen hanging out with Cassie’s sister’s boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. He’s ‘liked’ his Instagram photos, too.

Reality Steve also found an Instagram pic of Colton’s that may show Cassie’s hand (her phone case is almost certainly in the pic, so we can assume the hand holding that case belongs to Cassie.)

And what does this say about the next bachelorette? Could it be Hannah G. or Tayshia, since they were the final three on the show?

According to Reality Steve, your next bachelorette will be Hannah B.

That may be shocking to some, but at the end of the day, Hannah B. knows how to bring the drama.

In a recent post on his website after ‘The Women Tell All’, Reality Steve shared, “If I didn’t already know Hannah B. was gonna be the “Bachelorette,” last night would’ve been further proof. It was clear as day who they were grooming up there for the next lead. Hannah came across 100x better last night than she did during the season.”

Reality Steve even got his hands on video of Hannah B filming her intro video with Chris Harrison for the next season.

Be sure to tune into the finale tonight at 8pm ET/PT to see how it all pans out.