Laura Primack, James Safechuck’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

James Safechuck wife

LinkedIn Pictured: James Safechuck's Wife Laura Primack

Laura Primack is the wife of James Safechuck, one of the two men featured in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. Safechuck and Wade Robson have been given an opportunity to speak in depth on the sexual abuse they claim to have suffered at the hands of musical superstar Michael Jackson.

Although Primack isn’t expected to be featured in the two-part documentary, Safechuck may talk about her or their family. Primack and Safechuck both work for a company called AvatarLabs, located in California. They live a quiet life in Van Nuys, California, with their kids.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was Interviewed About the ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary

The video above shows James Safechuck and Wade Robson discussing their alleged encounters with Michael Jackson.

On Sunday, March 3, HBO will air the first of a two-part documentary called Leaving Neverland. The documentary will feature the stories of Safechuck and Robson, both of whom claim to have been sexually assaulted by Michael Jackson when they were kids.

Before the documentary aired, Safechuck’s wife, Laura Primack, chatted with PBS and explained just how horrible the aftermath of this alleged abuse has been on her husband — and others.

“Michael’s gone, but it doesn’t change the fact that he destroyed these people, and that the world still goes on loving him,” she told the network.

2. She Has at Least 2 Kids With Safechuck

James Safechuck wife


It’s unclear how long ago Primack and Safechuck tied the knot, but they are married and have at least two children together; the couple was expecting their third child together recently, as evidenced by a baby registry found at Target.

We are creating this registry at the request of friends, but would love to reiterate how fortunate we are to already have so much of what we need! Your friendship with us (and the little guy) is plenty,” reads the registry’s description

The following description was likely written before she and Safechuck became a family of five.

“Laura spends most of her time throwing dance parties with a spunky preschooler and a proud recent Kindergarten graduate. Husband James Safechuck, AvatarLabs’ Director of Innovation and long-time veteran of the studio, serves as house tickle-monster and guitarist in the family band,” reads her bio on her company’s website.

The family lives in Van Nuys, California.

3. She Is the Vice President of Culture & Creative Services at Avatarlabs

Primack currently serves as vice president of culture and creative services at AvatarLabs, a marketing and advertising company located in California. According to her LinkedIn page, she has worked for the company for 17 years.

Primack started off working as a designer for the company in 2001. The following year, she was promoted to Senior Art Director, a position she held for more than five years. In October 2007, she was hired as the company’s associate creative director before taking on the role of creative director in 2009. She remained in that role for 10 years before being promoted to her current position.

According to Oxygen, Safechuck serves as the director of research and technology for the same company

4. She Graduated From the Rhode Island School of Design in 2000

Primack attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She obtained a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design, graduating from the school in 2000.

After graduation, Primack moved to Los Angeles, California. According to her bio, she has “led the creative vision on a vast array of award-winning, innovative marketing campaigns including Netflix’s ‘Narcos,’ HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ and Mattel’s Barbie Bubbletastic Mermaid. Laura oversees the team of talented artists who helped market blockbusters like WB’s ‘Wonder Woman,’ Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and Lionsgate’s ‘Hunger Games’ franchise.”

5. She Was Named as a Juror for the 2017 Clio Awards & Spoke on a Panel at SXSW in 2018

Primack is well known and well respected in the digital marketing industry. According to a post on the AvatarLabs Facebook page, she was selected as a juror for the 2017 CLIO Awards.

“Congratulations to our own Laura Primack for being selected for this year’s CLIO Awards jury!” the post reads.

The CLIOs are a long-standing tradition recognizing excellence in advertising.

“The Clio Awards is the premier international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate creative excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards today honors the work and talent that pushes boundaries, permeates pop culture and establishes a new precedent around the globe,” the organization’s website reads.

In addition to serving as a CLIO juror, Primack also spoke about balancing life as a mother and a professional as part of a panel at 2018’s SXSW. The panel, called “Work Hard, Mom Hard – the Art of Multitasking,” allowed the women to offer their guidance as “dynamic female professionals [who] have succeeded in finding ways to balance their love of work with Mom-ing hard.”