Matt Wright & Gary Golding on ‘Naked & Afraid’

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Matt Wright and Gary Golding are two of the all-star contestants on the new season of Naked and Afraid. They will attempt to survive out in the wilderness with nothing but their smarts and a personal weapon, with the winner getting a massive cash prize. Read on to learn about Wright and Golding below.

Wright, 32, is the owner and operator of Extreme Instinct LLC. The company specializes in making custom knives, survival gear and teaching survival classes. According to his Discovery Channel bio, Wright was born and raised in Colorado, where he developed a love for the outdoors. He credits his parents with inspiring this love, and considers his father to be a personal hero.

Wright Is the Owner of an Outdoor Survival Company In Colorado

In addition to his hunting skills, which include trapping, hunting, primitive fishing, and water purification, Wright also served in the US Air Force, where he learned valuable skills like discipline and fortitude. Wright tells Discovery that he’s looking forward to starring on Naked and Afraid so that he can teach others the art of survival, and test the limits of his own survival skills.

He currently resides in Lakewood, Colorado, and is married to Brooke Benham Wright. Like Wright, Brooke is a nature lover who sells specialty knives for Paramount Outdoors. Her Instagram name is @OutdoorsBrooke. The couple often posts photos together on their respective accounts.

Wright Is Eager to Test the Limits of His Survival Skills on ‘Naked and Afraid’

Golding is known as the “Tarzan of Los Angeles.” He has a YouTube page where he shows off his extreme survival skills, including fishing and diving for sea urchins. He also hosts nature tours by the L.A. River and speaks at various high schools in the area.

“I make it very clear that I didn’t go on that show to test my survival skills. I want everybody to know that’s not why I went on Naked and Afraid,” Golding told California Sportsman. “I couldn’t give a sh*t about my survival skills. I just had to do that to carry my message to humanity, which is consume as little as possible.” He went on to explain that anyone can survive under extreme conditions if they put their mind to it.

Golding Is a YouTuber Known as the ‘Tarzan of Los Angeles’

“It doesn’t matter who you pray to, what your sexual orientation is, whether you eat meat or not, or whether you choose to feel love or hate in your heart,” he continued. “These things can be debated to no end and are simply distractions from the one true action that can make the planet a cleaner, more sustainable place by tomorrow if done by all of us today.”

“I asked the [Naked and Afraid] producer, ‘So what did the casting agency say when they gave me to you?’ ‘They told me you were a vulgar loudmouth’,” Golding said. “‘What do you think now after being around me for eight days?’ ‘They don’t know you.’”

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