The Bachelor 2019 Recap ‘Women Tell All’: What Happened Last Week?

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Following a tumultuous fantasy suite episode, Colton Underwood’s eliminated contestants of The Bachelor came together for the franchise’s infamous “Women Tell All” 2-hour special. This season of the reality dating competition showed a lot of drama between the women, which continued when they all reunited face to face, with Chris Harrison as the host and mediator.

Beware of spoilers regarding the “Women Tell All” episode and season 23 below.

The official synopsis for the “Women Tell All” episode reads “Twenty women confront one another and Colton as they offer the lowdown on their quarrels and personal hostilities; a look back at memorable breakdowns and breakups in series history; a look at some of the hilarious bloopers from this season.”

Most of the women were present for the episode, but one was noticeably absent: Elyse. She explained on Instagram that she was at a wedding when the special taped, writing “I would have loved to reconnect with the cast, @coltonunderwood and the incredible @bachelorabc team… But I was too busy getting slapped in the face by the potential for my own happily ever after.”

Demi and Courtney resumed their feud, as did Onyeka and Nicole. During the season, Demi told Colton that Courtney was the “cancer of the house,” which Courtney confronted Demi about before attempting to shove a pacifier in Demi’s mouth. Onyeka confronted Nicole about the fact that Nicole called her a bully, which Nicole cited as an example of Onyeka bullying her (to which much of the audience cheered in agreement).

Toward the end of the season, a major source of conflict was that a number of women told Colton that some of the girls weren’t there for the right reasons, pointing to Cassie and Caelynn. Though Cassie was not at the “Women Tell All,” Caelynn defended the conversation the other women were citing, saying that she and Cassie were talking not about being on the show with the hopes of becoming the next Bachelorette, but that they were hoping that whoever did not end up with Colton would have their shot at love as the Bachelorette. The other women, including Katie, said that was not how the conversation played out.

Though fans may never truly know the truth of that conversation, it was clear that Caelynn still had feelings for Colton. She was emotional during her couch conversation with Chris Harrison and teared up again when talking to Colton for the first time since he eliminated her.

Much of the dramatic episode involved the women yelling at one another, but a highlight was the way Hannah Brown comported herself. Harrison invited her down to the couch, where she talked about her experience and how she is hopeful about what’s next for her love story. Harrison even invited her to re-do the toast that she struggled with on her first one-on-one with Colton, which she handled with grace and sincerity.

Demi’s journey with Colton and their connection was featured with a montage video and Harrison teased that she will be appearing on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, and Nicole was offered a free year of Halo Top ice cream.

As is customary with the “Women Tell All” special, the episode concluded with a blooper reel of the hilarious moments captured throughout filming, as well as a preview into the season finale. Little was revealed about the season’s dramatic conclusion, although the promo featured a lot of crying and ended with Colton knocking on someone’s door and waiting for it to be answered.

Season 23 of The Bachelor concludes with a two-night finale tonight and tomorrow, on ABC at 8/7c.

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