Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix New House

Ariana Madix


On tonight’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval get serious about their future. Both Sandoval and Madix are bartenders at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant, and both are aspiring actors. But as the episode goes to show, they both have very different priorities when it comes to their next steps.

Madix wants to move out of the couple’s rental space since she can’t stand watching her money go to a landlord, and thus, go down the drain. Sandoval quickly skews the conversation, mentioning the number of bedrooms a new place should have since he really wants to have kids. But it quickly becomes apparent that his plea about having children is falling on dear ears.

“For a lot of my friends, growing up and being an adult means getting engaged, having a fairy tale wedding, and having kids. For me, it’s the financial independence that comes from getting a house and owning property,” says Madix in a preview clip.

“Sometimes I leave my headphones in because if Tom starts to get on my nerves, I can just put on some Classical music and try to zen out for a second, and I won’t feel like I want to murder anyone,” says Madix in an interview. “There’s two things that I know for sure: I don’t want to have kids, and I really, really want people to stop asking me over and over if I want to have kids…stay the f–k out of my uterus.”

As we now know, the couple did buy the new house they’ve been talking about on the show. Sandoval and Madix’s recently-purchased new-construction home is a $2.075 million structure in Valley Village, Calif. with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It’s comprised of 4,400-square-feet with plenty of lux farmhouse-style amenities including vaulted ceilings, indoor and outdoor living space, and a gray-bottomed pool.

When it came time to find their new digs, Sandoval turned to his longtime pal Douglas McFarland of Redesign Properties.

“Tom and I have been the very best of friends since sixth grade, we grew up together in St. Louis and this was a really great experience for us to share together,” McFarland told Home & Design. “We explored a lot of options in a lot of different areas (both fixers and new) and ultimately found that the quality and detail of this property was far superior than your typical turn-and-burn mc-mansion, so we strategically negotiated a really good deal and aggressively navigated the escrow process! I can’t put into words how proud I am of Tom and how much he deserves this for himself!”

The home isn’t missing much, according to Sandoval, but the couple does have plans for a certain addition.

“We bought it turn-key. The finishes are all really nice everything, but we’re [going to add] a social media room,” said Sandoval to Bravo’s Home & Design.

Don’t have a social media room, you say? Sandoval further explained that the room will be set up sort of like a photo studio. We’re guessing it’ll have exceptional lighting, top of the line computers and cameras, and plenty of green screens to go around. It’s what every influencer needs these days.

Vanderpump Rules Season 7 currently airs every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.