Best Memes & Twitter Reactions to Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’

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Beyonce has released a surprise album to accompany her Netflix documentary Homecoming. The sprawling live album has 40 tracks, including covers of hit songs like “Drunk In Love” and “Formation.” The album also includes guest features from Beyonce’s sister Solange and her husband Jay-Z.

Given that the Homecoming album was a surprise, fans have been flocking to Twitter to voice their surprise, as well as their delight at having new Beyonce music. Check out the best memes and reactions below.

Beyonce’s Surprise ‘Homecoming’ Album Shocked Twitter Users

Other Fans Were Wowed By Beyonce’s Performance Stamina & Her Creative Output

A running meme on Twitter is how late Beyonce released the album, and how eager fans are going to lose sleep listening to it. “Imma finish this whole documentary [and album], study, and then get up in a few hours for work and handle my business WITHOUT complaining because that’s what Beyoncé would want me to do,” one user wrote. Another tweeted out: “I’m up here watching Beychella– I forgot I have work in 5 hours.”

Others focused on the impressiveness of Beyonce’s performance. Several memes were used to convey awe at how she managed to drop a documentary and a live album without anybody knowing. “This further proves why Bey is the absolute best,” tweeted an eager fan. “She deserves to be loved and celebrated this much. She works and works and she earned everything she’s ever gotten. Ever since we were kids, we knew she was the one.”

“Beyoncé’s work ethic is unmatched! I’m so inspired!” chimed in a third user. “This whole documentary just told me to boss TF up and stop complaining about having so much to do in so little time.”

“#BeyonceHomecoming Had me Hyped, Sad, empathetic, pained, Happy, Crying, Excited, Entranced, loving, Awed, inspired, fulfilled,” tweeted another fan. “Only Beyoncé can have you feel all possible human emotions in mere hours. She is simply the greatest, deserves every praise & Adoration she gets.”

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay also got in on the fun, praising Beyonce’s stamina and performing abilities. “Gah! This has been my favorite thing for a whole year now. I can watch it on repeat and never, ever get tired,” she wrote. “So much to see. So many moves to try in one’s mirror. If one were so inclined.”

Homecoming also comes with bonus tracks, including “I Been On” and a cover of “Before I Let Go” by Frankie Beverly and Maze. On top of that, listeners get to hear Beyonce’s Blue Ivy Carter performing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” during rehearsals.

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