Ice Cube Shares Real Reason Craig Got Fired on His Day off in Friday Movie

How did Craig get fired on his day off in the 90s film, “Friday?”

Years later we still don’t know….

Until now, kinda!

If you’re tardy to the party, the 1995 F. Gary Gray film stars Big 3 co-founder, Ice Cube, comedian, Chris Tucker and actress Nia Long.

Trailer here:

In the film, Ice Cube’s character, Craig Jones is fired for stealing cardboard boxes at work on his day off after an alleged camera caught him doing so.

On this random Friday, the rent is due.

What’s worse?

Craig and his best friend, Smokey, played by Chris Tucker, have to pay Big Worm back the $200 that Smokey owes by 10:00 PM the local or else…

Craig then starts asking his family for money, but they won’t give it to him. After Craig thinks he needs protection for 10:00, he gets his gun out of his drawer but his dad tells him that he needs to fight for himself.

When its 10:00, Craig and Smokey get shot at with submachine guns they hide in the back of a pickup truck. Craig then sees Deebo slap as he comes in and fights Deebo.

Meanwhile back at the ranch: A series of tweets suggest that Ezal, a neighborhood crackhead who does odds jobs in the neighborhood to support his habit actually got Craig fired.

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The video of Ezal running with boxes in that tweet are apparently derived from deleted video scenes from the director’s cuts of the movie’s opening credits, according to a March 2018 article written by Global Grind.

“You know how crackheads get down,” Ice Cube told me by phone.

“He tries to grab anything that he can get his hands on.”

So the million dollar question, Mr. Cube: Is Ezal the reason Craig got fired on his day off?

“No,” laughed Ice Cube.

“He is not the reason why Craig got fired.”

“You couldn’t imagine the questions that I get about Friday; some unanswered questions from that movie.”

For you film buffs: The rumored fourth Friday film is nearing as per Maxim. Ice Cube tweeted last summer that he’s finishing the script to the fourth installment of Friday, titled, Last Friday.

Actor/comedian, Mike Epps also confirmed something to be in the works via instagram.

It’s truly amazing how music, pop culture and sports all intersect and that Ice Cube transitioned seamlessly from successful rapper to actor to co-founder of the Big 3 all while producing and screenwriting.