Yes, Game of Thrones Oreos Are Real: What to Know & Where to Get Them Near You


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The final season of Game of Thrones is only a few days away, and Oreos are getting in on the action. Their (very real) GOT-themed cookies were released in stores yesterday, and are already selling out on Amazon; however, if you’re looking to try them for yourself, they may be in stock at a store near you. (Update: you can buy them on Amazon again).

The limited edition cookies are being sold at local Walmart and Target stores country-wide, but may not be available at every location. On Target’s website, they will allow you to check if your local Target has the cookies in stock, or if they’re even carrying the special product at all: click here and “Check other stores” to utilize that tool.

Walmart’s website allows a similar online check; click here to check on the stock status of the Oreos at your closest Walmart locations. To save time and avoid potential frustration, we recommend checking online and calling ahead before making the trip to your local target (select locations even allow you to order ahead of time for in-store pick-up).

According to the Oreo website, the cookies come in four printed image variations, signifying the sigils of the four major players remaining in the “Game of Thrones:” House Lannister, House Stark, House Targaryen, and The Night King. The site asks “Who Do You Pledge Fealty To?” and allows you to click on one of the four sigils, taking you to a new page where the words “I Pledge With [insert selection here]” sit above an image of the Iron Throne. According to Vox, HBO’s Vice President of Licensing and retailing, Jeff Peters, said that “Oreo used the Game of Thrones font on the packaging, not the regular Oreo logo, so it’s the first time they’ve ever done something like that. They specifically sacrificed their logo for their love of the throne.” Even though the product being sold is food, it would not be surprising if the packaging became a collectible.

Oreo is having fun with the partnership on social media, using their @Oreo Twitter account and hashtags like #GameofCookies to draw in GOT’s mega fanbase. To announce the release, they recreated the show’s famous opening credits using Oreo cookies.

It is not surprising that Nabisco wanted to partner with HBO and put out a Game of Thrones themed product in honor of the final season. According to The Wall Street Journal, the marketing blitz for HBO and its partners cost an estimated $20 million. Joining Nabisco with final season limited edition merchandising are brands such as Johnnie Walker (which released a special “White Walker” whiskey), Mountain Dew, and Urban Decay makeup.

While no official end date has been set for the limited edition Game of Thrones cookies, interested fans should get them as soon as they can, as supplies continue to sell out and the series draws to a close.

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