How to Stream Lil Dicky’s Star-Studded ‘Earth’ Video

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Lil Dicky is releasing a music video for his new single “Earth.” The video is a star-studded event, with cameos from the likes of Ariana Grande, Kevin Hart, Leonardo DiCaprio and more. Read on to find out when the video will be released, and how Dicky managed to land so many celebrities.

“Earth” will premiere on YouTube at 9 p.m. PST, or midnight EST depending on your time zone. Dicky discussed the track on a recent episode of Ellen. “It’s literally got 30 of the biggest artists in the world on it and every artist plays a different animal,” he said. “It’s all about saving the Earth. There’s an environmental crisis going on right now.” Check out the official video teaser below.

The Music Video Features Over 30 Celebrity Cameos

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Sia, Hailee Steinfeld, Lil Jon, Rita Ora, Miguel, Katy Perry, Lil Yachty, Ed Sheeran, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meghan Trainor, Joel Embiid, Tory Lanez, John Legend, Bad Bunny, PSY, Kris Wu, Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat and the Backstreet Boys.

“Earth” is told from the perspective of various animals that are affected by climate change. According to PopBuzz, each celebrity has their own animal and corresponding animation to match in the music video. Justin Bieber is reportedly a baboon who sings the lyrics: “Hi, I’m a baboon / I’m like a man, just less advanced / And my anus is huge.” Elsewhere, Ariana Grande is a zebra who sings: “Hey, I’m a zebra / No one knows what I do, but I look pretty cool / Am I white or black?”

Dicky Made the Video In Collaboration with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

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This isn’t the first time that Dicky has gotten celebrities to appear in a music video. His last single, “Freaky Friday”, featured a chorus by Chris Brown, as well as cameos by DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner. Dicky talked about the process of working with celebrities in a recent Billboard interview. “I knew in the end I wanted to turn to a few different other people, so really I made everything, but that, excluding the ending. And Ed Sheeran is a friend of mine, so like I showed him [the video], and he thought it was so funny, so good and he wanted to be a part of it.”

“So, you know, now I got Ed on it, and once I got Ed, it was easier to go to Khaled ‘cause he’s friends with my manager, Scooter Braun,” the rapper continued. “I don’t know Khaled that well, but he loved the video. I think the common thread is they all loved the video. The cherry on top was Kendall, I waited on Kendall to the very end, and she killed it. We recorded it at Kris Jenner’s house, and I literally went there and recorded her, and it was so fun. She was having so much fun.”