Marc Anthony’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Marc Anthony Family and Children


For decades, Marc Anthony has been one of the biggest names in music, and his popularity raised as a result of his decade-long marriage to Jennifer Lopez. Tonight, Anthony will be performing at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, and as he takes to the stage, fans at home will undoubtedly grow curious about his personal life.

How many children does Anthony have? Is he married? Get the details here.

1. He Has 6 Children

Marc Anthony Sons, Marc Anthony Kids

Recording artist Marc Anthony (C) arrives with his sons Ryan Adrian Muniz (L) and Cristian Marcus Muniz (R) at The 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at T-Mobile Arena on November 17, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anthony has six children. He had his first daughter, Arianna, with his girlfriend Debbie Rosado, in 1994. While dating Rosado, the couple also adopted a son, Chase Muniz.

With Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, Anthony has two sons: Cristian Muniz and Ryan Muniz. Then, while married to Jennifer Lopez, the singer gave birth to their twins, Emme Maribel Muniz and Maximillian David Muniz.

In a recent interview with People En Espanol, Anthony revealed that his children are happy their father doesn’t work the conventional 9 to 5 hours that many parents do. “Thank God all my children know that their father doesn’t have the 9 to 5 grind… They understand that my work takes me away from home for long periods,” he shared.

Anthony added, “I try to make the effort to see all my kids during breaks as much as possible.”

2. He Has Been Married Three Times

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez (L) kisses Marc Anthony during the show of the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 17, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anthony has been married three times: to Dayanara Torres, then to Jennifer Lopez, and most recently to Shannon De Lima.

In November 2017, De Lima spoke to People, dispelling rumors about her marriage to Anthony.

De Lima shared that the couple did not have a confidentiality agreement that forbids her from speaking about their marriage. “People make things up. Why wouldn’t I be able to talk about Marc? I have nothing bad to say. What confidentiality? He has nothing to hide. I have nothing to hide. We can talk about anything we want.”

She also shot down the rumor that their marriage came to an end as a result of Marc sharing a kiss with Lopez on stage at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2016. She said, “It was not the kiss… We had been separated already for about a month.”

3. He Is the Youngest of Eight Children

Anthony is the youngest of eight children. He was born in New York City to parents Guillermina Quinones and Felipe Muniz. His father was also a musician and named Anthony after a famous Mexican singer of the same name, hoping his musical inclinations would lead to a career in the industry.

In July 2017, Anthony’s mother, Guillermina Quinones, passed away. The singer tweeted, “Today at 12:10 pm my families hero, our rock, our protector, inspiration and now ANGEL passed away.”

Over the course of his illustrious career, Anthony has been nominated for six Grammys, two of which he won for ‘Contra La Corriente’ and ‘Amar Sin Mentiras’.

4. He Shares Twins with Jennifer Lopez

In 2008, Lopez and Anthony welcomed their twins, Emme and Max, into the world. The pair were born in Long Island, New York.

At the time of their birth, Lopez’s manager told People, “Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon.”

Lopez and Anthony introduced the twins to the public in a photo shoot for People in 2008. Around that time, Lopez told People, “You hear people say this all the time, but it’s not until you experience [parenthood] yourself that you can put it into your own words… Your heart is connected to them. It feels like there’s a string from my chest to theirs.”

She added, “I knew I’d be protective. I knew I’d love them intensely and passionately enough to stay up for the first three days after giving birth, because I just wanted to keep staring at them.”

5. He Has Joked That He Was an Awkward Child

In a 2016 interview with CBS News’ Tracy Smith, Anthony opened up about his childhood, sharing, “To my mom, I was a pain in the ass. To my dad, I was the light of his eyes. And to me, I was awkward. I weighed two pounds.”

He went on to add that his father’s support is what inspired him to pursue music. “My dad told me early on, he said, ‘Son, we’re both ugly… I swear to God, he says it to this day. And he goes, ‘You work on your personality. It builds character.'”

During the interview, Anthony also opened up about his regrets in life, stating that he wishes he got to spend more time with his family, despite his many successes. “The one regret would be that what I chose to do took so much of my time. What I would have done to have been a stay at home dad, and, you know, witnessed every second of everything… I would have loved that. Didn’t work out that way.”