Who Made It Through On The Voice Tonight? 4/30/2019

The Voice 2019 Spoilers

Photo by: NBC

Tonight, on an all-new episode of The Voice, fans said goodbye to some of their favorite contestants. The following contestants were voted off: Kendra Checketts, Selkii, Jacob Maxwell, Jimmy Mowery, Lisa Ramey, Rebecca Howell, Mathew Johnson, Abby Kasch, Presley Tennant, Betsy Ade, Domenic Haynes, and Kalvin Jarvis.

The top 13 now consists of:
Team Blake: Gyth Rigdon, Carter Lloyd Horne, Kim Cherry, Dexter Roberts, Andrew Sevener, Oliv Blu
Team Legend: Shawn Sounds, Maelyn Jarmon, Celia Babini
Team Kelly: Rod Stokes, Jej Vinson
Team Adam: LB Crew, Mari

On Monday, in a packed 2-hour episode, all 24 performers took to the stage. Viewers voted for their favorite performers, and tonight, eight artists– regardless of which team they’re part of– advanced to the Top 12. Each coach then got to put through one of their own, making up the Top 12.

Kanard Thomas also duked it out with one of the artists eliminated in the Cross Battles. One of the two earned a spot through the Live Twitter Save to be named the 13th artist to remain in the competition.

As of Monday night, Team Blake consisted of eight artists: Oliv Blu, Kendra Checketts, Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts, Selkii, Andrew Sevener. Team John consisted of six: Celia Babini, Maelyn Jarmon, Jacob Maxwell, Jimmy Mowery, Lisa Ramey, Shawn Sounds. Team Kelly consisted of six: Rebecca Howell, Matthew Johnson, Abby Kasch, Rod Stokes, Presley Tennant, Jej Vinson. And Team Adam consisted of four: Betsy Ade, Domenic Haynes, Kalvin Jarvis, Mari.

Tuesday night started out with Carson Daly asking the coaches how they’re going to make their tough decisions later on. Each one admitted that it would be utterly devastating to see some of their favorites go home. The first three artists to be named safe were Gyth Rigdon, Shawn Sounds, and Carter Lloyd Horne.

After Adam and his crew sang Bob Marley’s “Is This Love?”, two more were saved by America: Rod Stokes, and Kim Cherry.

Kelly then sang her hit from the upcoming film “Ugly Dolls”, and after that point, it was time to send three artists through to next week. Dexter Roberts, Maelyn Jarmon, and Andrew Sevener.

Bebe Rexha then brought Kanard on stage to battle it out, and she chose to put him up against LB Crew. America picked LB Crew to join the top 13.

The coaches then were only able to save one of their remaining artists. Blake chose to save Oliv, Kelly chose to save Jej, John Legend chose to save Celia. Lastly, Adam chose to save Mari.

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