Tim Tebow’s Fiance: Who Is Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters?

Getty Tim Tebow and fiancé Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Tim Tebow is currently engaged to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. The athlete and reality TV host announced their engagement on January 10 on Instagram. “Thank you for saying YES and making me the happiest man in the world,” he wrote in the caption. “You’re the love of my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Nel-Peters, 23, was born in Sedgefield, South Africa, and is an alumni of North West University. She was crowned Miss South Africa 2017, and is the second women from South Africa to win Miss Universe. Nel-Peters is fluent in both English and Afrikaans, and also works as international model.

Tebow Is Engaged to South African Model Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

She met Tebow at Night to Shine 2017, which is part of the latter’s non-profit organization, and reportedly hit it off. “Her sister has special needs, so we invited them to Night to Shine in South Africa,” Tebow told Kathie Lee Gifford. “We kind of met and started talking through that and haven’t stopped.” Nel-Peters thanked Tebow by name during her farewell speech at Miss Universe 2018.

“We’re so aligned in what matters most to us and we get along so well. She’s so incredibly special,” Tebow said, when asked about Nel-Peters. “I almost can’t even put it into words. [Being engaged] is awesome. It’s so incredible and we’re so blessed. We’re really enjoying it.” Tebow explained to Entertainment Tonight that he had to take extreme measures to keep his engagement plans a secret. “[I] started part of the planning from months ahead of time,” he said. “The problem is, once I felt like she started to get a clue, then I would, like, make up something else.”

Tebow & Nel-Peters Announced Their Engagement on January 10

“I had absolutely no idea that it was gonna be that day,” Nel-Peters revealed. “I mean, I definitely knew how I felt about him and how we felt about each other, so that wasn’t a surprise, but I had no idea the proposal was gonna be that day. It was so, so special. I had no idea, so, I mean, I felt like [he] did a really good job.” She added that Tebow handled everything “very delicately.”

Tebow will be hosting the competition series Million Dollar Race on CBS. He told People that while he enjoyed the experience, he missed being with Nel-Peters. “I’m so happy with my life. Each day is very exciting to me,” he said. “[Demi is] in South Africa right now. I really miss her. But we’re both super busy these days, which helps when we’re away from each other.”