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Brother Nature

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Brother Nature partnered with clothing company Lacoste on their #LacosteSaveOurSpecies initiative, of which all profits will help the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s effort to conserve wildlife.

The 21-year-old internet personality, whose real name is Kelvin Peña, helped to promote the limited edition polos on May 22, 2019. For the second edition of the initiative, the classic crocodile embroidered on Lacoste polos was replaced with ten threatened species. The number of polos made of each species represents the number remaining in the wild.

Brother Nature shared the photo to 2.19 million followers on Twitter and 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brother Nature Promoted the Sale in Los Angeles

“Just partnered with Lacoste on their #LacosteSaveOurSpecies initiative!” Brother Nature wrote in an Instagram post. “The number of polos made of each species represents the number remaining in the wild. That’s only 3,520 of all 10 species chosen in 2019. All profits today from the 9 stores and from will help IUCN’s efforts to conserve wildlife. If you’re in LA and want to help today, the collection is available to purchase at the Lacoste Rodeo Drive boutique in Los Angeles! #LacostePartner.”

The social media celebrity was promoting the sale at the Lacoste Rodeo Drive boutique in Los Angeles, where they were selling polos embroidered with the opal goodeid, as seen in his social media posts.

“While it’s only 2 inches long, the tiny Opal Goodeid can be identified by its lovely iridescent scales,” according to the Lacoste SOS page. “While it still exists in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, pollution is dangerously threatening them to the point of extinction. Today there are only 150 left.”

SOS – Save Our Species: What If?SOS – Save Our Species: a global partnership to save threatened species, their habitats and the communities that depend on them.2014-10-10T08:18:36.000Z

According to ICUN, the SOS initiative, “aims to build the capacity of civil society organisations and communicate their successes to inspire more people to support this universal cause of protecting species – the building blocks of our life support system.”

According to a tweet from IUCN, March 23 was “World Turtle Day.” They celebrated by welcoming 46 Burmese Roofed Turtle babies, The project was implemented by the Turtle Survival Alliance with funds from their Lacoste collaboration.

2. Brother Nature First Went Viral in 2016 When He Introduced the Deer Squad

Money and the deer squad2016-08-02T05:44:54.000Z

Peña got quite a bit of attention in 2016 after he posted a video to Vine called “Money and the deer squad.” In the video, 17-year-old Peña introduces his deer squad: Canela, Bambi, Money and Lola. He has since gone on to create the “Brother Nature” brand, traveling the world, interacting with all sorts of animals.

On January 24, 2019, Brother Nature took a photo with a few giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya.

On February 24, 2019, he took a picture with a penguin named Jermaine at Boulders Beach Penguin Colony in Cape Town, South Africa.

On March 5, 2019, Peña, “Spent the last couple of weeks working in the Great Barrier Reef with @savethereef,” he wrote on Instagram. “As you can see in the photo, most of our reefs are dead/ dying. It’s so important that we take action now, because coral isn’t only home to most of marine life, but it supplies 50% of the world’s oxygen. It’s time that we wake up and realize what’s going on, the world is screaming for our help. We partnered with @reef_restoration_foundation, a non- profit that grows and plants corals in the reef in an area where they’re protected which allows them to grow 3-7 times faster than their normal rate. To help, you can adopt a coral for just $50 to help our reefs and our future generations live on a sustainable planet ?? We’re focused on having 1,000 coral trees planted in the next 12 months that will enable corals to grow and plant 80k corals per year by the end of 2020 ♻️”

3. Twitter Loves Brother Nature

One user said Brother Nature is, “just as much an icon in the animal world as he is in the human world.”

Rapper Lil Nas X predicts Brother Nature will stop global warming in a funny tweet.

Another user is disappointed that Brother Nature has not gotten a TV show yet.

Another user asked if Brother Nature is the “modern-day Steve Irwin.”

4. Brother Nature Founded the Everybody Eats Foundation in 2016

“Only being 18 years old I decide to start my own nonprofit organization, not only to help the underprivileged, but to inspire and set an example to all of my viewers,” Peña writes in the mission statement. “Coming from a single-parent home, after school snacks were considered a luxury and holiday dinners were always something special to us as a family. Food brings people together and it also brings happiness to the table. The Everybody Eats Foundation focuses on helping single-parent families during the holidays and after-school kids year-round. The way I envision it, if I could do it then anyone can, and in today’s society it is vital for us help each other and let positivity be a major key in everyone’s life.”

According to a video he posted to Twitter, Peña lived in Puerto Rico for the first nine years of his life, and he collected donations after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

5. Brother Nature Recently Dropped His First Collection of Merchandise

“First collection of the merch line is out now!” He wrote on Twitter. “Part of the proceeds will go to a charity that I hold near and dear to my heart.”

One user bought all five t-shirts, which go for $25 each on Peña’s website.

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