Ciara Kids & Family: She & Her Husband Have 2 Children

Getty (L-R) Sienna Princess Wilson, Ciara, Future Zahir Wilburn, and Russell Wilson.

Ciara is performing tonight at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. In addition to being an accomplished recording artist, a talented dancer, and a model, Ciara is also a mother to two children with her husband Russell Wilson.

Ciara married Wilson on July 6, 2016. They welcomed a daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson on April 28, 2017. Ciara also has a son named Future Zahir Wilburn from a previous relationship with rapper Future. Her son is 4 years old. During a recent interview with W Magazine, Ciara talked about motherhood and how her kids have made her better as a person.

Ciara Has 2 Children Including a Son from a Previous Relationship

“It’s changed me for the better. It’s made me not sweat the small stuff. I think [being a mom] gives you more compassion in life, and more love in your heart,” she explained. “I have to say, I do love giving love [laughs] but I want to give more. There’s nothing sweeter than putting a smile on your kid’s face; there’s nothing sweeter than putting a smile on another kid’s face.”

Ciara also talked about raising her children in the limelight, given the celebrity status that both her and her husband share. “They’re still really young, so they’re not aware. It’s something that I think about,” she admitted. “I think the biggest thing is making life as normal as possible and making sure that they’re having the best opportunity at life and being able to do all that they aspire to do; [giving them] the support system they need to be who they are and find their own voice. That’s really important to our family.”

She & Husband Russell Wilson Welcomed a Daughter In 2017

Future, the biological father of Ciara’s son, talked to Beats 1 about her husband. “He do exactly what she tell him to do. He not being a man in that position,” he complained. “You not tellin’ her, ‘Bro, chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up!’” Future and Ciara have not been on good terms since their split in 2015.

Wilson, who plays quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, spoke with Buzzfeed about being a good stepdad to Future Zahir. “In terms of tips, I mean, you know being there for your kids, you know, tucking them down, putting them to bed, going to as many things as you can,” he said. “And I think ultimately—you know the thing that I’ve learned the most and I think this is real, the thing that I’ve learned the most is that being a stepdad and then also having our little daughter as well, being a stepdad, you really find out what love’s like.”

“It’s interesting. It’s easy to love somebody that’s blood and everything else, but when you can love somebody just like it’s your own child and everything else, that’s what real love is like,” he added.