‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5 Map & Timeline: How Far from King’s Landing to Dragonstone & Winterfell?

King's Landing to Dragonstone Game of Thrones Map

Quartermaester.info King's Landing to Dragonstone Game of Thrones Map

The timeline for Season 8 Episode 5 and earlier episodes of Game of Thrones is a little confusing. Just how far is King’s Landing to Winterfell? Where does Dragonstone fit in? Considering that it kind of feels like King’s Landing has changed its location recently, things feel even more unsure. Here’s a look at the map for major points in this episode.

The maps below are from Quartermaester.info. You should visit the website, because the map is interactive and features everything in Westeros. You can zoom in or zoom out as you want and even see what’s outside of Westeros.

Here’s Winterfell:


And here’s King’s Landing:


Now here’s just how far you would have to travel to get from one to the other. It’s a lot longer than you might think. Winterfell is near the top of the map and King’s Landing is close to the bottom.


As you can see, the travel distance is long and treacherous. It’s not easy to get from Winterfell to King’s Landing, even though the show makes it feel like they’re a lot closer.

An April 2016 post on Quora guessed that from Winterfell to King’s Landing is about 1,500 miles as the three-eyed crow flies, traveling at 30 mph for 50 hours. (For extra trivia, it’s then roughly 630 miles from Winterfell to the Wall. So that’s an additional 21-hour journey traveling at 30 mph.) None of these are exact measurements, but they are guesses based on the idea that the continent is 9,000 miles from north to south, and 900 miles at its widest point from east to west, based on comments by George R.R. Martin. Most large wagons travel about 21.7 miles an hour, so the journey would actually take longer than guessed above. (Remember that the distances are “as the crow flies,” not accounting for not being able to travel straight or being slowed down by rivers or mountains.) The Quora post concluded that traveling from King’s Landing to Winterfell would take six weeks of hard riding. Obviously, the show isn’t banking on this amount of time. Maybe magic is helping things out a bit.

And what about once you throw Dragonstone into the mix, since it’s going to be featured in Episode 5 too and Euron’s fleet was hiding there last week? Euron sure seemed to be able to travel quickly between Dragonstone and King’s Landing.

Dragonstone is significantly closer to King’s Landing than Winterfell is. It makes perfect sense that Dany could travel back-and-forth before Jon even gets near King’s Landing on foot. Winterfell is all the way up near the Wall as you can see in the map above. Meanwhile, here’s Dragonstone as compare to King’s Landing:


Just to further clarify the difference with arrows. Winterfell is all the way up north in the map below, King’s Landing is all the way down south, and Dragonstone is close to King’s Landing.


So the timeline does indeed make sense for the last couple of episodes. Remember, you can visit QuarterMaester.info’s interactive map to see for yourself.

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