What Time Is ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Tonight? 5/11

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Saturday Night Live continues tonight on NBC. The show will air at 11:30 p.m. EST, or 8:30 p.m. PST depending on your time zone. It will be hosted by Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson, and pop group the Jonas Brothers will be featured as the musical act.

Thompson will be hosting SNL for the first time in her career. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she talked about her comedic past and her ill-fated attempt at writing the sketch comedy series Thompson. “It didn’t work out,” she recalled. “[The episodes were] all the things I’d ever thought about. It was kind of weird, sort of dark.”

Oscar Winner Emma Thompson Will Host ‘SNL’ for the First Time

Thompson also said that performed stand up when she was younger. “At the time a lot of my material was about herpes and Margaret Thatcher, who were both very big at the time and kind of similar,” she quipped. In a separate interview, Thompson told Vulture that she was terrified to do stand up.

“It terrified me. But I did scary things like that when I was a young woman,” she explained. “I had all of my 20s to fail. I wanted to be a stand-up and then I wanted to be Lily Tomlin. I had a chance to experiment, and that’s riches beyond compare. Young people who are successful now can’t do that because the spotlight is there all the time.”

Thompson Will Be Promoting Her New Comedy Film ‘Late Night’

The actress, who will be appearing in the upcoming comedy Late Night, also spoke on her age and how her outlook on life has changed. “When you get older it’s much easier to hold onto that appreciation because you’re more mortal,” she said. “I want to enjoy every minute and use the wisdom that I’ve accrued whilst acknowledging my fallibility and the continuance of all sorts of foolishness. It’s so enjoyable to be alive in this state… So this should be one of the most powerful patches of your life, the youth of old age as it were. I’d say it’s the best bit ever.”

Jonas Brothers will be make their second ever appearance on SNL. They will likely perform their recent singles, “Sucker” and “Cool.” The trio recently talked to radio host Elvis Duran about their new music, and how they plan to release a new album, as well as tour. “When we started to figure out what the sound was going to be like —balancing Nick’s sound, DNCE’s sound and, to be truthful, Kevin’s bringing so much heart into this,” said Joe Jonas.

“It’s been incredible — his stories, his family and everything that he has going on now, it was really important to be able to blend the three and so, we have probably 30, 40 songs recorded that we can’t wait to release,” he added.

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