Who Is the New Cowboy on ‘Yellowstone’ & Which Actor Plays Him?


There’s a mysterious new character on Yellowstone who was introduced in the Season 2 premiere. He goes by the name of Cowboy. Here’s what we know about him so far, including who plays him.

Cowboy’s introduction wasn’t hinted at in the trailer or on IMDB, so there must be something pretty important about this character’s background. He won’t say much else about himself except that he just goes by Cowboy. He tells John that he has references and is trying to make his way to Arizona. (Some fans are wondering if he might be a plant of some sort.) Cowboy makes fun of Jimmy and he gets in a heated conversation later with Rip. But he also befriends Walker, who warns him about the Dutton Ranch and makes him promise to take Walker with him when he leaves.

We also learn that Cowboy likes to stir things up. He’s a lot more complicated and manipulative than you might think, in my opinion.

So who plays the role of Cowboy? The actor who plays Cowboy is the very talented Steven Williams.

He’s phenomenal.

Steven Williams’  credits include playing Joe Ridgeway on the upcoming Locke and Key, Ambitions, Project Blue Book, The Chi (Quentin), One Mississippi, Supernatural (Rufus), Minority Report, The Leftovers (Virgil), iZombie, Stargate, and so much more. I honestly loved him in his role as Virgil on Leftovers, a complicated character who really kept me guessing.

Fans are excited to see him on the show. I can’t wait to see what he does on Yellowstone.