‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers Tonight: Who Does Abby Send Home?

Dance Moms is heating up tonight. The synopsis for the latest episode teases some huge shakeups on the part of head coach Abby Lee Miller. “Abby makes a shocking announcement that she’s sending someone home,” the synopsis reads. Who got sent home?

Fortunately for the dancers and their respective moms, nobody went home tonight. Abby stated that she will be sending someone home at some point over the next few weeks, and while she hesitated to pull the trigger during episode four, Brady’s mom did become a target of criticism for the way she’s treated the other mothers and flashed her son’s favoritism with Abby.

During the teasers for tonight’s episode, titled “Choose Wisely”, Abby lays down some ground rules and takes her dancers to task. She criticizes Gianina for her behavior, and explains why she has failed to live up to expectations thus far. “I thought this was my Broadway baby,” she told the camera. “I thought this kid had it all. Now I’m realizing it’s not a Broadway baby I have on my hands, it’s a Broadway brat.” Gianina currently sits at the bottom of the pyramid. She’s currently the most likely to be sent home.

Abby Lee Miller Announced That She’ll Be Sending a Dancer Home This Week

Abby then turns her attention towards the rest of the dancers. She praises Brady for his work, but says that there’s still plenty that he has to learn. “I thought you did an outstanding job, but there is so much more for you to give,” she explained. “For you, it’s about growth, it’s about acting… This is just the beginning.”

Abby then dropped the bombshell that fans have been waiting to hear: that someone will be sent home. “I’ve been saying for weeks that nobody on this team is safe, and I don’t think you believe me,” she tells the team. “So I’ve decided the only way to light a fire under your lazy butts is to say goodbye to one member of this team.”

Abby Says That an Elimination Is the Only Way to ‘Light a Fire’ Under the Team

“In the next few weeks, one dancer will be saying goodbye to ALDC,” she continued. “I need to see you all live up to your full potential. Because none of you have done that so far.” Afterwards, Abby told the camera that she’s eager to see which of the children rise to the challenge she’s given them. “I wanna see what kid standing in front of me really wants to entertain the audience. Not the judges… And that’s a big difference.”

To further ramp up the pressure, Abby has decided to let two of her students to pick their duet partners. Lilly and Pressley are called out and given the chance to pick who they’d like to dance with for this week’s competition. “Will you pick the right partner?” she asks the dancers. “This decision could either help you or ruin you.”