Wango Tango 2019 Time & Channel

Getty Taylor Swift performs onstage at Wango Tango 2019

Wango Tango premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform. The day-long concert was taped on June 1 at Dignity Health Sports Park, but will air tonight with a star-studded roster of performers and guests. The concert will run for an hour and a half and wrap up around 9:30 p.m. ET.

There are several pop stars that will taking the stage during the Wango Tango concert. Some of the most include Halsey, Jonas Brothers, Zedd, 5 Seconds of Summer and Ally Brooke. Taylor Swift will also be on hand to perform her latest single “ME!” alongside Panic! At the Disco frontman Brendon Urie. Swift talked to iHeartRadio about performing at Wango Tango and why her single is the perfect accompaniment to the concert’s vibe.

Wango Tango 2019 Airs at 8 P.M. ET on Freeform

Taylor Swift performs onstage

“This song is such a celebration and it’s so playful. The ultimate main purpose of this song when I thought of this melody … I was like, ‘It’s so catchy, what do we want to get stuck in people’s head?'”, she said. “And what I wanted was to make people happy about themselves because I think right now everyone literally is so neurotic and insecure and anxious about things, you know?”

“I think there should be like a way for us to have a song stuck in our heads that reinforces the fact that we’re individuals, we’re different and obviously there are a lot of songs about ‘I’m special,’ but I hadn’t heard one recently that was about I’m special because of who I am,” Swift added. [It’s] fun for us to create like an event … make it more fun for them to talk about and think about it and they’re awesome.”

Taylor Swift & the Jonas Brothers Will Be Among the Concert’s Superstar Performers

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas perform onstage.

Swift also said that there will be an Easter egg during her performance that hints at her upcoming album. “I try to do Easter eggs in, like, first round is stuff they can see that predicts what will happen in a couple months,” she revealed. “There’s also like second-tier Easter eggs which will be revealed upon the album. Then there’s third-tier Easter eggs, which are the most deeply embedded Easter eggs which be shown on the tour… There is a hint. The hint is that you have to find the hint… It’s going to be great, I think, when people realize what it is.”

CNCO will be taking the stage at Wango Tango for the first time in their career. “It’s amazing, it’s our first time here,” said band member Joel Pimentel. “We’ve seen a whole bunch of love and a whole bunch of acceptance today, so we hope to be back soon. Fellow member Richard Camacho also talked about the band’s Spanish crossover appeal, and why they’ve connected with younger listeners. “This generation is more Spanglish,” he told Billboard. “We wanted to make this song to connect a bit with our non-Spanish speaking fans and with our non-English speaking fans. It’s a cool combination.”