Belle Delphine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Belle Delphine

Facebook via Belle Delphine Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine, a popular Instagram model, has been banned from the platform for breaking the social network’s code of conduct, according to Business Insider.

Belle had a whopping 4.5 million followers on Instagram before her account was shut down. When users try to land on Delphine’s Instagram, they find the page has been removed.

Fans will be relieved to know that while her Instagram is no longer, Delphine’s Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Patreon accounts remain active.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Belle Delphine is a 19-Year-Old Model and Cosplayer from the United Kingdom

“I live in the rainy, windy and sometimes sunny UK with my lovely little family of hamsters which I look after,” Delphine wrote about herself on Patreon. “I love painting, drawing, ice-skating and just being creative and designing things!

Belle Delphine, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, was born on October 23, 1999, making her only 19 years old.

“I would love to own all of my dream outfits, create cosplays and cute and sexy looks to share,” she continued. “So thank you so much for helping me achieve this dream. I’m currently setting up a studio, where I’m going to be creating outfits and cosplays this year.”

2. Delphine Runs a Patreon Account

According to the company, Patreon is an American crowdfunding membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. Artists are able to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons.”

Delpine has over 4,000 patrons on her page, who belong in differnt “tiers” depending on how much they pay per month. Patrons can pay to be in the bronze, silver, gold, premium Snapchat, unique Polaroid, king, or God tier. The prices range from $1 per month for the bronze tier to $2,500 or more per month for the God tier.

“If you’re into weird elf kitty girls who try too hard then you have come to the right place <3," Delpine wrote. "On this page you will find all of my lewd, NSFW and other content which isn't on any of my other pages. All especially for you. Please read through this page before you decide to pledge."

Depending on the tier, patrons can have access to selfies, photosets, videos, among other things. Delpine is known for her Ahegao photos. Ahegao is a term of Japanese pornography describing a facial expression of fictional characters during sex often used in pornographic videogames, manga and anime.

3. Delphine Created an Account on Pornhub

Delphine, who frequently posts NSFW content to her social media channels, tricked her followers into liking a photo by saying she would create a PornHub account if it received over one million likes.

She promised to post videos, however, when fans went to the page looking for something sexual, they came up empty-handed. Delphine indeed posted 12 videos, but the titles didn’t quite match the content.

One video titled “Belle Delphine strokes two BIG cocks,” the model can be seen playing with two stuffed cockerels. In another video titled “PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine,” she slowly eats a picture of the famous YouTuber.

Delphine racked up over 85,000 subscribers on the platform and her dozen videos were viewed 7.9 million times.

4. Delphine Sold Her Bath Water to ‘Thirsty Gamer Boys’

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“I am now selling my bath water!” Delphine wrote on Twitter. “this is what humanity has come to :)”

Fans could purchase the model’s bath water on her website for $30 per jar. In fact, the product sold out within a day. A week later, there were concerns that the bath water she was selling resulted in customers contracting herpes, getting sick, and even being hospitalized.

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Delphine took to social media to clear things up.

“Lmao SO, there’s been a lot fo fake news going round that I wasn’t to address!” Delphine wrote. “Nobody has been hospitalized from my bath water, or have gotten sick. All of these memes were posted before I even shipped any out.”

5. Fans Are Reacting to Delphine’s Ban on Social Media

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Some people seem to be quite pleased that Delphine’s Instagram page was taken down. One Twitter user posted an iconic Kim Kardashian clip, in which the the reality star says “it’s what she deserves.”

“belle delphine has been banned from instagram, this is the greatest day of my life,” another user wrote.

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On the other hand, fans seem to be quite upset. Bailey wrote “if i see the person that banned belle delphine’s instagram account out in public that shit is on sight. fuming.”

Allexx wrote, “suspending Belle Delphine from my school was one thing, but instagram as well? Not happy…”