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The gang is back together. Tonight, the series premiere of BH90210 will air on Fox at 9pm ET/PT.

As CNN notes, this isn’t a conventional reboot situation. Instead, it revolves around the cast reassembling for a 30th-anniversary reunion in Las Vegas. In the show (which is quite meta, we might add), Tori Spelling needs to make some money because her reality show isn’t going too well. It’s Spelling who pitches a “90210” revival.

The cast includes fan-favoritesJason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, and Tori Spelling.

Doherty, for one, says that she agreed to come back on board to honor Luke Perry, who passed away in March. Doherty shares with Variety, “I wasn’t attached [before Perry’s death]… and it wasn’t long after he passed that I finally was like, ‘OK, yes’… I thought it was going to do well with or without me, to be honest. For me, replaying Brenda was something I said I wouldn’t do twice and I’ve replayed her now twice, so I guess I could never say I’m never going to do something again because I end up doing it.”

She goes on to add, “For me, I felt like it was honoring him and his memory and what he meant to the audience and the fans and to all of us… As his on-set family, I felt like it was an important time for all of us to come together to honor him.”

And how will the show address the loss of Perry? Doherty shares that it will be brought up in the very first episode. “The first episode very much deals with it,” she explains. “Luke was such a sort of quiet, subtle, yet dynamic human being that he had a very strong and lasting impact on people. So, naturally, we would have to deal with it.”

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While the cast is celebrating their premiere tonight, it was in no way easy to get the ball rolling. A May article in Variety notes that showrunner Patrick Sean Smith and a number of other ‘senior-level writers” quit the series (which will only last six episodes) before it was complete.

They write that the exact reason for them leaving is unclear. “One source said the dispute was over interference from two of the show’s lead actresses, while another noted that the writers were unhappy with one of the executives overseeing the project.”

Be sure to tune into the series premiere of BH90210 tonight on Fox at 9pm ET/PT to find how all the drama unravels.

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