HeatheredEffect aka Heather Kent: 5 Fast Facts

HeatheredEffect aka Heather Kent

Facebook via Heathered Effect Heather Kent

HeatheredEffect aka Heather Kent is facing backlash after she streamed while breastfeeding on Twitch on July 24, 2019, according to her social media.

According to her Facebook page, Heather is from Charleston South Carolina. She is a fitness fenatic, model, and mother of four. Heather boasts over 15,000 followers on Twitch, more than 36,000 followers on Instagram, and over 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channels.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Heather is a Mom of Four

According to her Instagram page, Heather is a mother of four. She quoted the iconic movie “Mean Girls” when she said “I’m NoT a ReGuLaR mOm, I’m A cOoL mOm” on Instagram.

Heather’s beautiful children appear frequently on her social media, including the live stream in which she breastfed her baby.

“Today I streamed while breastfeeding on @Twitch,” Heather wrote on Twitter. “This clip (which had over 20k views and would’ve helped tremendously with the #normalizebreastfeeding movement) was deleted by Twitch with no explanation. We obviously have a long way to go in the fight to normalize breastfeeding.”

2. Heather Might Have Violated the Twitch Community Guidelines By Breastfeeding During Her Stream

Watch AMA with my model friend! (and baby!!!) from HeatheredEffect on www.twitch.tv

In the video, which goes on for an hour and a half, Heather chats with her model friend while holding her baby. Within minutes, Heathe begins to breastfeed her child. The video, which is still available on her Twitch channel, has been viewed over 4,000 times and has prompted quite a few nasty comments.

According to the website, Twitch is, “a global community of millions who come together each day to create their own entertainment: unique, live, unpredictable, never-to-be repeated experiences created by the magical interactions of the many. With chat built into every stream, you don’t just watch on Twitch, you’re a part of the show.”

To be a member of the Twitch community, users must respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using the platform. According to the Community Guidelines, streaming is a public activity, therefore it is recommended that creators wear attire that is appropriate public attire for a given context, intent, or activity.

“Attire intended to be sexually suggestive and nudity are prohibited,” the guidelines state. “Attire (or lack of attire) intended to be sexually suggestive includes undergarments, intimate apparel, or exposing/focusing on male or female genitals, buttocks, or nipples.”

3. Heather is a Fierce Advocate for Breastfeeding

Heather says she likes to shatter perceptions. Whether it’s vying for a shot at the cover of the coveted Sports Il lustrated swimsuit issue alongside women like Jodi Harrison-Bauer or planning a charity stream for World Breastfeeding Week, Heather surely stands out among the crowd.

According to her Twitter account, Heather is planning a charity stream for World Breastfeeding Week which takes place between August 1 to August 7, 2019. Heather welcomes anyone to be a part of her steam, saying it doesn’t matter if you’re not a breastfeeding mother, a mother, or even a woman.

Heather’s goal is to spread awareness & educate people about breastfeeding while raising money for Save the Children, an organization that has been giving children in the U.S. and around the world a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm for the past 100 years.

4. Heather Runs Two YouTube Channels

Heather runs two YouTube channels, one for style and the other for ASMR. On her HeatheredEffect style channel, Heather posts videos of clothing and lingerie “hauls” in which she tries on and reviews the pieces. Her style page, which only has four videos, boasts 30,000 subscribers.

Her other channel, HeatheredEffect ASMR, has acquired over 90,000 subscribers. According to the National Sleep Foundation, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It describes a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when he or she watches certain videos or hears certain sounds.

“Did you know that I’m an #ASMRtist?” Heather wrote on Instagram. “Check out my YouTube channel (linked in my bio)! What’s your favorite trigger?”

5. Heather Models Swimwear and Lingerie for Yandy

“I’ve partnered up with Yandy again to bring you a few different swim looks for this summer.”

According to her Instagram page, Heather has teamed up with Yandy, a worldwide sexy specialty apparel and costume brand. She models a variety of looks on her page, including lingerie and swimsuits.

Heather likely learned the ropes from her time competing in pageants during her childhood in South Carolina. However, in another post, Heather shared that she was not always so confident about her body.

“Growing up I use to be so self conscious about so many things,” Heather wrote. “I remember when I hit puberty and I grew so fast, I got stretch marks like all over my body…hips, breast, booty, legs, etc. I hated being in a bathing suit next to my friends with their tiny little bodies, stretch mark free. It’s so funny because when I go back and look at pictures of myself, I am so confused on what I was so self conscious about.”

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