Rumors Spread About Malaysia Pargo’s Children on ‘Basketball Wives’

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Rumors, rumors, and more rumors. This season on Basketball Wives, the drama as it an all-time high, and the claws are coming out.

As we learned earlier this month on the hit reality series, Jackie spread the rumor that Malaysia’s kids are “dirty”. And, unsurprisingly, it did not sit well with Malaysia.

What exactly went down for those who missed the show? Jackie started spreading the rumor that Jennifer told Dominique that Malaysia was kicked out of her home in LA, and was “leaving her kids at home to fend for themselves”, according to Madame Noir. The rumor also suggested the kids were “dirty”.

When Malaysia heard about these rumors, she was not happy. As the outlet puts it, “Jackie wouldn’t drop it… Where she went wrong was that, instead of going directly to Malaysia after her conversation with Jennifer and telling her what she’d been told, and what Jennifer said about it, she decided to tell most of the other ladies.” She proceeded to tell Kristen, Malaysia’s cousin, which ensured it was going to get back to Malaysia eventually.

Now, it’s a question whether or not Jackie will apologize for what she said.

Malaysia, who primarily works as a jewelry designer, was married to Jannero Pargo from 2006 to 2014. In 2016, Bossip reported that Malaysia won half Pargo’s pension in her divorce settlement. They share joint custody of their kids.

Asked about motherhood in an interview with Rolling Out, Pargo shared, “Motherhood is great. It’s the best and greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. My kids are amazing. They all just had birthdays. My twins just turned 5. Then, my son Little J just had his 9th birthday. We’re celebrating birthdays. I’m stumbling over toys at this point. We’re all great!”

When asked about her recent divorce, she added, “Co-parenting is the most important thing because, first off, you broke a home, and kids realize it, especially when they’re of age. Like my kids, say for my 9-year-old, all he remembers is mom and dad together. Then once you get into school, you see other kids and they have their mom and their dad. You want to make sure they don’t feel like they’re missing anything. As of right now, my ex is actually here with us now.”

She continued, “We co-parent well. We can stay in the same household. He makes sure that when he has a break that he comes in and helps me out with the things I normally do on my own and it’s great! My kids are soaking it up, and they love it! He takes Little J to soccer when he can so that his friends, not to say “show and tell,” but his friends can see that he has a father, as well. It’s great for my kids. It feels good to me that my kids are smiling and they’re happy and they get to see us both in the same environment. We get to go out to eat together. We can do birthday parties together and stuff like that.”

Basketball Wives airs Wednesdays on VH1 at 8pm ET/PT.


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