Are Kwame & O.G. Still Together on Basketball Wives?

Instagram OG & Kwame Alexander

Ogom ‘OG’ Chijindu and her husband Kwame Alexander have been fixtures on the VH1 series Basketball Wives. The former is a reality star, while the latter is a forward for the LPB league team Trotamundos de Carabobo. But is the couple still together? Have OG and Kwame broken up over their recent Basketball Wives drama?

According to AfterBuzz TV, OG and Kwame are still together. The couple are dating, despite the tension that’s been created by their differing outlooks. After fellow cast members Reggie and Tami announced their marriage plans, OG said that she is eager to get married as well. When she takes Kwame to a glass blowing class for his 27th birthday, she hinted at the fact that she wants to have children.

OG & Kwame Alexander Are Still Together Despite Tension About Their Prospective Marriage

“I’m not dating you to date you, I’m dating you cause I think your husband material,” she said, “You think your husband material?” The basketball player becomes visibly uncomfortable by OG’s questions, saying that he doesn’t want to have children until he is married, but that he isn’t mature enough to settle down.

OG recently talked about her relationship with Kwame, and how its evolved over the course of the series. “For me, I saw a growth in the show, I saw a platform that was there that was offered to me, and, in my opinion, it’s, it’s kind of now was the perfect moment to give people something different,” she explained. “Which is what people want to see, and hopefully we can take the girls to a game and they see it again.”

OG Said That She Wants to Eventually Wants to Have Children With Kwame

“Right now, we’re dealing with a lot of people who either are already married or have been divorced. I still have a lot more to give,” OG continued. “I haven’t had a child yet. I’ve never been married. Kwame’s [Alexander] never been married. He’s never had a child.” The reality star also revealed that she considered turning done the Basketball Wives gig way back in 2012.

“Honestly, to be 100% honest with you guys. You guys are getting an exclusive right now,” she explained. “I was actually asked to be on the show in 2012 and at, the person I was dating at that time, I did not have a relationship with him that was strong enough for the show. He was an athlete and I did not want to be on the show, so I declined it.” She ultimately decided to take the gig because she felt it would be a good platform for her and Kwame.

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