‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review: War Comes in ‘Resurrection Day’

Yellowstone Season 2


Tonight is the seventh episode of Yellowstone Season 2. After tonight there are only three episodes left. This is a live recap and review of “Resurrection Day.” This article will have spoilers for the episode.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “Tensions escalate as the Beck brothers become frustrated by the Duttons’ unwillingness to play ball. Jamie looks for a fresh start. Tate gets his first horse.” After what happened last week, I can only imagine what Yellowstone will throw at us this week.

And here we go.

The episode begins with Kayce and John talking. John’s going for a long ride so he can focus on the present and remember what he’s fighting for. Kayce offers to go with him, telling him his problems will wait, and John accepts his offer.

Wow. The scenery is absolutely stunning while John rides his horse. I never grow tired of how beautiful this show is.

They ride to the edge of the Dutton Ranch property. They’re talking about John’s wife’s death, which happened 21 years ago. “It’s not an excuse, but I was a better father when she was with me. I hope you never know what that feels like son.”

“I already know what that feels like,” Kayce says sadly. True, Kayce, but you still have a chance to get Monica back. John can never get his wife back. :(

Jamie meanwhile is crying and freaking out because he is not a good person. Beth watches and tells him that she blames herself to a degree. She says he’s consumed with how the world perceives him but not who he really is. “Morality, loyalty, not part of the equation for you. But you’ve finally done something that makes you see yourself the way the world does. The way I see you.”

Up until last week, I had made excuses for Jamie and thought he wasn’t so bad, just in a bad family. Last week changed that for me entirely.

And then Beth tells Jamie he should consider killing himself. OH MY GOSH. John told him something similar last week, didn’t he? In any other situation I’d think that was awful, but considering what Jamie did…

Next Rainwater is at the scene of a crime where a man was strangled and his hand was cut off and left on a stump. Rainwater says it’s a message left for him.

Cut to Rip teaching Tate about horses. This is a nice scene. :) Rip still cares about the family even if they don’t always treat him so well. When John shows up, Tate tells him that he’s decided he wants to be a cowboy. John says that’s good because the ranch will be his one day. Well, Tate says, he needs a horse. And John agrees. :) I look forward to seeing scenes of Tate with his horse. :)

Cut to Jenkins’ office, where Teal Beck informs him that his liquor license was suspended. The Beck brothers are throwing around their weight big time.

Beth shows up at her office and Malcolm Beck is waiting. This ought to be good.

Malcolm observes all the land she’s buying up. “I will not have a casino built at the gates of Yellowstone,” he says. We don’t want that either, she says. He needs to go back and they’ll take care of it. But Malcolm doesn’t believe they’ll do what it takes to stop Rainwater.

Malcolm says Beth is probably considering turning the ranch into a lucrative power company. Interesting.

“That’s the problem with playing dirty Beth. When someone plays dirty back, there’s no one to cry to,” he observes.

Beth’s not intimidated. But neither is Malcolm. He says she won’t be tough anymore once he gives her his “cure.” Yeah, that intimidates me. Beth might be in over her head this time.

But she’s not acting like it. “Challenge accepted,” she says.

A lot of fans think Malcolm is the one over his head.

Back in happier times, Tate can’t stop talking about his new horse and his excitement is just so adorable. I need this in between all those crazy scenes.

When Kayce gets to Monica’s, she says that Tate needs to live on the ranch. She has all her things packed. She says she’s tried to move on from him, but she can’t. “You’re a part of me,” she admits. Kayce wastes no time forgiving her and taking her back. I mean, their underlying issues aren’t resolved, but it’s nice to see them back together. :)

Back at the ranch, John urgently asks Rip to ride with him. He wants to know how involved Rip was in that crime in last week’s episode. Rip says he didn’t do any of it, but he tried to make it go away. But it won’t go away, John says.

I wouldn’t be surprised if John threw Jamie under the bus at this point.

In the next scene, John finds Jamie sitting in the field with a rifle. Looks like he’s ready to follow through with what everyone has been telling him to do.

“You know the thing about suicide, you don’t just kill yourself, you kill every memory of you. This will be all anyone remembers Jamie,” John says. He won’t let Jamie quit, he says, because it’s selfish.

But what Jamie did can’t be fixed, Jamie replies. “I cannot be fixed,” Jamie says. “I’m married to it.”

Honestly, that might be true. Jamie is all kinds of messed up.

John tells him that you can use the parts of a broken wagonwheel to make a new one. He says he shouldn’t have sent him off to school because he needed more time at the ranch.

Jamie hands over the rifle. I KNEW he wasn’t going to do it! I mean, this show is unpredictable considering that we already lost one of John’s sons. But I didn’t think this was it for Jamie.  (However, my prediction that John would throw Jamie under the bus was apparently wrong.)

After the commercial break, John tells Beth that she needs to go easy on Jamie. But Beth says she can’t because Jamie’s the one they should be fighting in order to save the family.

When she asks him, John can’t tell Beth that he loves Jamie. He can’t say he loves Beth or Kayce either. Yikes. That is heartbreaking. What the heck John?

Annnnd Jamie’s moving into the bunkhouse. I honestly don’t know if this is good for him or not, haha.

Jamie enters a poker game at the bunkhouse and he could win the first round, but he folds instead. Rip sees that and tells Jamie he’s going to do fine. Interesting moment. Looks like Jamie might find a new path in life after all.

Beth tells John about Malcolm’s visit. “Men like him, they just want to be feared,” she says. And she won’t give him that. “But he’s gonna try,” she says resignedly.

Rip and Beth meet late at night for a drink under the stars. She wants Rip to take her on a proper date, and that’s kind of sweet. But Rip doesn’t trust that and figures she’ll change her mind. “Just a date,” she insists, talking about that music festival they wanted to go to.

Rip says he doesn’t have any money to spend on new clothes or a date. Beth wants to know what he does with his money, since he clearly gets paid. He says he spent $22,000 on a headstone for his mom and then spent $30k on his little brother’s. (He literally said “thirty” but he meant $30k.)

“But the best money I ever spent was $5,000 to a gravedigger in Forsyth… He dug up my father and gave me his bones. And I drove from there … to North Dakota… and threw them out the window.”

Rip has not had an easy life.

Beth and Rip kiss and things are looking up for this couple too.

John, meanwhile, is setting up a room for Kayce’s family: Monica and Tate. He tells them to remodel the room however they want and make it their own. I think John really does love his family, he just can’t say it out loud.

When John gets back to the ranch in a later scene, Jamie is hard at work loading bales of hay and taking care of the horses. John has returned with a beautiful new horse for Tate and it is SO sweet.

“His whole life’s in your hands now Tate,” John tells his grandson.

Tate is going to name his horse Lucky. I believe that Tate is going to take great care of him. :)

Cut to Beth’s office, where I think something terrible is going to happen.

Annnnd I’m right. Two masked men who are heavily armed enter and beat up the guy working there. She stabs them but they fight back. They kick her and beat her, and Beth is gasping for air.

She called Rip right when the attack started and now she’s not answering. He knows this isn’t good.

The men are holding a gun on Jason, her assistant, and he’s crying. They’re both beaten up.

“They want to see you scared, don’t give them the satisfaction,” she tells Jason.

But the men say they don’t care if Jason’s scared. “We’re here to scare you.”

Then they shoot Jason in the head right in front of her. She screams. “F*** you!”

The other guy, the one she stabbed, is fading out from how she injured him.

Beth won’t be scared, but she’s getting beaten badly.

This is a DARK scene, what the heck Yellowstone? The guy is threatening to rape her and she’s not scared of him still. He says they’ll never see her face again because he’s going to blow it off.

Rip bursts into the room and beats the guy to death. I thought he was shot on the way in, but he looks OK.

Oh no, he’s not. :(

Rip has been shot.

Beth beats the man’s face in after Rip calls for a doctor “no one knows about.”

“Hey I love you, I love you,” Rip tells a very beaten up Beth. She sobs in his arms.

Yellowstone has gotten REALLY dark. This might be the most violent scene we’ve had on the show yet.

Everyone’s at Beth’s office now trying to figure out how to clean things up and keep what happened hidden. Beth insists on going with Rip to make sure he’s OK.

“This wasn’t a crime dad,” Kayce says.

“I know what it is,” John says.

This is war.

Back at the ranch, Kayce goes back home to Monica. “There were wolves down by the water,” he tells Monica. “They’re everywhere here baby.”

I think maybe Kayce should warn Monica about exactly what’s happening and not talk in riddles.

Back at Malcolm’s place, he finds the two thugs he sent to beat up Beth hanging naked and dead with a sign on their chest: “Return to Sender.”

Yes, it’s official, Yellowstone is dark as heck.

Back at the ranch, John laughs at the idea that Kayce thinks Monica believed his story about wolves.

“What are we going to do about these Beck brothers.”

“We’re going to kill them son,” John says resolutely.

The episode ends.

And wow. What an episode that was.