Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Wins Power of Veto?

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Tonight’s episode of Big Brother will include recaps of Saturday’s Power of Veto competition, but it will not include Monday’s ceremony results. It will also serve as a precursor to the eviction results during the live episode on Thursday. With these events in mind, who will be the next to win Power of Veto? Who will be the latest contestant to claim the upper hand during the competition?

According to GoldDerby, the contestant who wins Power of Veto is Jackson Michie. He won the crucial competition on Saturday, which will allow him to take himself off the chopping block and force someone else to be nominated for eviction. This is the fourth time that Jackson has won Power of Veto during the season.

Jackson Michie Wins Power of Veto on Wednesday’s Episode

Jackson’s victory complicates matters for contestants Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg. The former has been the Head of Household for week 12, and she made it a point of targeting Jackson for eviction. She also planned on naming Jackson’s girlfriend, Holly Allen, as the other nominee. Had she been successful, Nicole’s ally Cliff would have been the remaining vote, and he could’ve used it to send Jackson home and put the power firmly on their side.

By wielding Power of Veto, Jackson will be able to force Nicole’s hand, and she will have to place Cliff on the chopping block. If successful, he will be only vote on Thursday, and he will use his power to secure Cliff’s eviction. This would not only weaken Nicole’s stature heading into the finale, but it would guarantee Holly a spot in the final three.

This Is the 4th Time Jackson Has Won During ‘Big Brother 21’

According to Big Brother Network, Nicole has a plan to combat Jackson’s. She thinks that she can guilt trip Jackson, and persuade him into keeping Cliff around by telling him that if he is sitting next to Holly, he won’t get the confetti at the end of the competition. It sounds like a long shot, but it may be Nicole’s best chance at keeping Cliff around.

That said, the Power of Veto will be utilized differently. Since the Power of Veto ceremony is basically an eviction decision at this point, Big Brother wants to save that for an all-in-one live moment in the show. Instead of changing the nominations, waiting three days, and making use of the Diary Room, the show will simply push back the results to Thursday.

That means that the Power of Veto will not be exercised completely tonight. The episode that plays on Thursday will start with Jackson and Holly on the block, followed by the live Veto meeting and the immediate eviction decision. From there we’ll get the final three contestants of the season, and they will head out back to compete in the first part of the final Head of Household event.