Kel Mitchell’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Premiere Performance

Kel Mitchell Arrives At The Dancing with the Stars Cast Reveall

Getty Kel Mithcell attends Dancing with the Stars cast reveal event in New York City.

Kel Mitchell made his mark on All That and Good Burger. He starts out with a visit to another burger joint before meeting his partner Witney Carson. She reveals they are doing the tango, but Kel is up for the challenge.

Sliding down a comical image of his face, the team goes to work on their routine. Dancing to the Jonas Brother song Sucker helps the pair keep a clean, even tempo. Once through, Bruno says he loves the attitude. He realizes it’s a hard dance, but Bruno found some things to like about what Mitchell did. Tonioli warns him to watch out for jumps. It is clearly something he’ll be looking for during the rest of the season.

Carrie Ann picked up on how he was leading “too far ahead.” She really feels like he will make it with more practice and time. Len was looking for more heel leads and was wowed by his attitude. More than anything, he felt like excitement hurt his posture.

Talking to Erin, the new team had their own thoughts as they breathed a sigh of relief. Erin said he seemed laser-focused and Kel confirmed his alter ego Kelito battled for the dancefloor.

Carrie Ann: 6

Len: 5

Bruno: 5

Total Score: 16

Fan Reactions:

Fans seemed to love seeing the comedian away from the characters and routines he was known for.


Some viewers were hoping to see his comedy partner Kenan Thompson make an appearance on the show. After all, they were the team that made Good Burger a hit.