Who is Old Matt Donald on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Matt Donald


As we know by now, Bachelor In Paradise is a reunion for many people. It welcomes those who gave up on love long ago, but are ready to return to the beach for another chance at finding their special someone. Last week, fans were reintroduced to Matt Donald, who was eliminated on night one of Hannah Brown’s season. 

When he stepped onto the beach last week, he was given a date card for a double date with Luke and two other women. While Luke chose Kristina Schulman, Matt chose Sydney Lotuaco for his date.

At the rose ceremony, Sydney gave Matt her rose, so it seems he made the right move in bringing her on the date. However, not long after their date, Bri Barnes makes her way to the beach of BIP and also asks Matt on a date. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, a love triangle forms between the three of them.

But what exactly do we know about Matt Donald? According to his Bachelorette bio, Donald is 26, and hails from Los Gatos, California. He is a self-described “old fashioned guy who “loves to bring flowers to a girl on a first date.”

The bio goes on to read, “When he’s not killing it in the medical device sales game, he’s spending time with his family and watching Alabama football. Matt’s brother and parents are deaf, and he grew up speaking sign language.”

A fun fact about Matt is that he is deathly afraid of spiders, and he loves salsa dancing, even though he’s not great at it.

Where does this season take him? Read on, but beware of spoilers

The love triangle results in Matt giving his rose to Bri. According to Reality Steve, the two didn’t go on to overnight dates together. Steve says he believes that the two ended it before the overnight date; specifically, Bri ended it. The four couples who do go on an overnight date are Demi and Kristian, Dylan and Hannah, Clay and Nicole, and Chris and Katie.

And on “Decision Day”, some of those couples do, in fact, get engaged.

Who could it be? Tune in to the next few episodes of Bachelor In Paradise, airing Monday and Tuesday at 8pm ET/PT on ABC, to find out.