What Happened on the Season 2 Premiere of Titans?

Gar Remebers The Past During Season Premiere Of Titans

DC/Warner Brothers Gar remembers the past as the team starts on a new future.

When Titans ended its first season, there were cliffhangers aplenty and none more unsettling than the appearance of Trigon himself. So, where are the Titans and what will become of Dick Grayson now that he’s under a very dark spell? All is revealed as Season 2 begins with an episode appropriately titled Trigon.

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

Rachel begins the episode face-to-face with her father as she battles for the soul of Dick Grayson. There’s no reasoning with him as Gar urges her to flee. Alluding to Rachel’s future, Trigon assures her heart will break one way or the other; any fan of the Titans knows where this is going.

Back in the world of Jason Todd, it’s business as usual as he careens through the mansion on his motorbike. Dawn and Hank appear on a mission of their own. After an explanation and a few choice words between Robin II and Hawk, the three head off to help Rachel.

Meanwhile, Kory Anders is using every last ounce of her powers to get through that barrier as Donna looks on. Nothing is going according to plan as Jason, Hank, and Dawn drive up. The group decides they have to make a move if they want to save everyone inside.

Inside the home, Rachel and Gar are still navigating some pretty twisted elements in their escape attempt. Dick is close behind as they lock themselves in a bedroom. As he tries to do his best Jack Torrance impression, the pair search for another route. For Rachel, reasoning with Dick is the only way to stop this. For Gar, getting out matters more than anything. The pair finds a small door and they’re out of another jam.

Team Titans Assembles To Save Rachel

GettyA meeting before going in to save Rachel.

Outside, Kory, Donna, Jason, Hank, and Dawn receive an invitation from Trigon himself; this mysterious burst of light does everything but scream out their name as it calls them inside. Much like the season finale, it is about to get very nightmarish for the group.

Kory runs into Rachel and Gar, who tells her about Dick. Suddenly, Rachel is offering herself up as a sacrifice to Kory. She convinces her that it’s the only way, but Kory is fighting this. Eyes in full glow mode, Starfire comes to life and begins to choke Rachel. After a quick apology, Kory ends it all with a ball of fire that turns Rachel into nothing more than ash.

Donna is seeing a part of her childhood that she would prefer to forget—the fire that would take her father’s life. In an attempt to change the past, she rushes in to stop the destructive moment. Fighting through smoke, Donna discovers her father is dead and comes in contact with the man who set the fire. He tells her to arrest him, but she is feeling less than generous. Instead, Donna throws him out of the window.

Two Robins in one space can be trouble. For Jason, the bad news is Dick came to fight and Bruce Wayne is lying dead on the floor. Dick confesses that he killed him and that Jason is next. They engage in a fight to finish with only one Robin coming out alive.

Hank and Dawn have their own demons to deal with as a drug dealer comes to their door. Trigon himself, disguised as the man with a fix, hands them a packet of heroin. Hank prepares the drug and gives it to Dawn. As she shoots up, they are both drawn into the nightmare.

The rescuers now need rescuing as everyone who came to help Rachel reveal themselves to be taken over by Trigon. He calls on them to turn on Gar and they begin to viciously beat him. She thinks in the madness that something has gotten through to Dick, but this is far from the case. He comes at Gar and tries to kill him.

Trigon sees her vulnerability and pulls Rachel’s heart out of her chest; crushing it while transitioning into his own true form. In the chaos, Rachel is given the forehead crystal that will transform her into Raven. Everything is going to plan for Trigon as the group ventures outside to take in his new world. In his wake, the demon leaves a trail of death and destruction that includes more than a few dead birds.

Rachel makes one last attempt to help Dick and save their group forever; she ventures into his mind to help him understand what is real and what is not. She speaks of her first dream about him only to find him more murderous than ever. In this dream world, she ventures into a perfect recreation of where the Flying Graysons perished. Only now, this savior’s asking Dick to catch her and at the last minute, he does; it’s a realization that she has finally gotten through to him.

Feeling as if she’s had enough of this, Rachel has a confrontation with her father. In a burst of unbelievable force, she unleashes a dark power that seems to fully engulf Trigon and pull him out of this world. After it’s over, the others come back to their senses to find the destruction around them.

From here, the group splits up as Dick, Gar, Rachel, and Jason head off in Donna’s car. Left behind is Kory, Hank, Dawn, and Donna as they move on to other adventures. A brief TV news blurb reveals a surprise as Slade Wilson finds out the Titans are back in business. In a subsequent scene, he is reunited with the all to familiar Deathstroke costume.

Titans Visit Their New Headquarters

DC/Warner BrothersThe team returns to a familiar place.

Dick goes back to visit Bruce Wayne and hash out a bit of the past. In a bid to revive the Titans, Bruce has only one request for Dick—help Jason. So, it’s off to the old Titans headquarters in San Francisco to make magic happen again. Gar, Rachel, Jason, and Dick start off a new life and with it a new season.