Lindsay Arnold’s Lips Look Fuller on DWTS This 2019 Season

Lindsay Arnold Lips

ABC DANCING WITH THE STARS Ð With a lineup of celebrities including a supermodel, a former White House press secretary, a Bachelorette, pro-athletes from the NFL and NBA, a Supreme and a TV icon to name a few, "Dancing with the Stars" is waltzing its way into its highly anticipated upcoming 2019 season. The new celebrity cast is adding some glitzy bling to their wardrobe, breaking in their dancing shoes and readying themselves for their first dance on the ballroom floor, as the show kicks off MONDAY, SEPT. 16 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Justin Stephens)LINDSAY ARNOLD

Dancing With the Stars season 28 continues on Monday, October 21. This season, fan-favorite professional dancer Lindsay Arnold is paired with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

In addition to teaching Sean Spicer to dance, Arnold has been getting attention this season for a new change in her appearance; Lindsay, who is known for her great personality and bright smile, appears to have fuller lips. Did Arnold get lip injections, or has this season DWTS‘s make up artist just been paying closer attention to playing up Arnold’s mouth with liner and extra gloss?

Here’s what we know:

Fans Think That Lindsay Looks Different This Season Due to Lip Injections

Lindsay has not commented on recent suggestions that her lips’ fuller appearance is due to cosmetic surgery, but longtime fans of the show are right that Arnold, although beautiful as ever, does look different than she has in previous seasons. That doesn’t necessarily mean surgery; she could achieve a fuller-lipped look with liner and more pronounced lipstick. It is also worth noting that Lindsay has grown up quite a bit since she first joined the DWTS cast for season 16, so her facial features easily could have matured over time.

In the comments section of a recently-posted Instagram selfie, Arnold’s fans and followers had a lot to say about the noticeable difference in her lips, crediting it to lip injections. Some were critical of the change, writing comments like “Girl NO!!! Your lips were PERFECT!!! Stop with the injections! Your gorgeous” and “Platypus called…wants his lips back why….just why.”

Others love her updated look. One fan wrote “Gorgeous my girl!! And your lips look GEWWWD;” another said “I see them lips girl!”

Lindsay Launched LAC & Her First Lip Kit in September

Although Lindsay hasn’t commented on accusations that she has started getting lip injections, it makes sense that people are paying more attention to her lips in recent months. In September, she launched her product line LAC (her initials), and the first product released was a lip kit called “Honey Love,” which includes a nude gloss and matching lipstick.

To share the news with her over 766,000 followers, Lindsay wrote on Instagram “ITS HERE!!! So excited to announce the launch of my very first LAC Lip Kit! I have been wanting to do this for a long time and have started out with my all time favorite shade! The Honey Love kit has both a liquid lipstick and lip gloss that pair perfectly together and look great individually too! I’m so happy with this kit and hope you all love it!!”

Lindsay has shown her interest in makeup and lip products especially for years now, so it is no surprise that she has finally ventured out and created her own product line. In 2013, Lindsay tweeted a selfie wearing hot pink lipstick; with the photo, she wrote “In love with my lip color for the show tonight! Hot Pink Vinyl from @stilacosmetics.”

Tune in to new episodes of Dancing With the Stars season 28, Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.