The Walking Dead’s CGI Deer Is Back: See the Best Memes

A new CGI deer has appeared on The Walking Dead.

Rudolph / AMC A new CGI deer has appeared on The Walking Dead.

A little more than halfway through the Season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead, fans got an unexpected surprise. The infamous CGI deer is back. The CGI deer got a lot of attention in 2017 when a terribly-created one appeared in Season 7 Episode 12. Now the CGI deer is back, but he’s looking better. Here’s a look back at the best CGI deer memes from Season 7 and new reactions for Season 10. This story will have minor spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 10’s premiere. 

The New CGI Deer Is an Improvement

The new CGI deer isn’t perfect, but he’s a big improvement over the 2017 model.


Some fans say they stan the new deer, while still making fun of the old deer.


Sadly, the new CGI deer won’t be living long in tonight’s episode. :(


Not everyone loves the new deer.

But a lot of people were happy about the new CGI deer.

On a Reddit discussion thread about the premiere (from people who have AMC Premiere), redditor u/picorisword wrote: “The CGI Deer is back and we stan her this time.”

This time around, the CGI deer was part of some scenes with Carol and Daryl, so fans were pretty excited about the whole thing.

On Twitter, another person compared the new deer to the old CGI deer and said it was a sign of how much Angela Kang had improved the show since taking over the reins.


A Look Back at the Best 2017 CGI Deer Memes

Of course, revisiting the CGI deer memories wouldn’t be complete without looking back at some of the absolute best CGI deer memes that emerged in 2017.

First, here’s a reminder of how that deer looked. It was so ridiculous, some fans said at the time that it looked like a child had drawn it. In fact, the deer appeared like it was see-through sometimes, and it caused Rick to stumble and fall in his attempt to kill it. At least our heroes Daryl and Carol are fairing better this time around.


And here’s the scene:

Some commented at the time that they thought the deer was transparent or see-through. Others thought it was kind of floating. It was obviously magical.


This one was pure joy.

Maybe back then, they just ran out of a budget for the deer.


At the time, Steve Phillips on Twitter said that SNL’s CGI was better. He wrote “#SNL Goulet Ram was far more realistic than the CGI carnival deer.” Toonces the Driving Cat on SNL from eons ago was more realistic too, come to think of it.


But the Rudolph connections were the best back in 2017.

And then there was this one:


It was so silly back then. Maybe this year’s CGI deer isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than 2017. The Walking Dead is definitely making a lot of improvements over the years with Angela Kang taking over. One has to wonder if anyone in the production team remembered the 2017 memes when they were making the deer this time around.

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